Blue Dolphin Platinum

Blue Dolphin Platinum – All ages welcome, based on ability, attitude, and commitment

This group is for swimmers looking to rise to new heights in swimming by committing to all practices required in a given week, as well as several swim meets throughout the season.  This group’s practice regiment includes dryland activities, stroke technique work, aerobic swimming, and sprint training; among other activities such as goal-setting and mental training.  This is for experienced swimmers that exemplify higher standards in training in terms of attendance and practice intensity. Swimmers in this group must be able to train at a high level and time management relative to academics and training is of the utmost importance. It is a highly positive team atmosphere where proper stroke mechanics are necessary, and further emphasis is placed on intense training, mental preparation, and advanced race strategy. The goal of this group is to compete in the highest level meets possible.

Blue DolphinPLATINUM Annual Registration Form 2016-2017

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