Blue Dolphin Aquatics is divided into 5 levels according to age, ability, and commitment.

All swimmers will be required to register with USA swimming, and will be expected to purchase a pair of fins. (Note: Born to Swim does not need fins.)

Swimmers will receive free Team suit/cap/other apparel only upon signing up and attending selected meets.

Any swimmer at or above 100% attendance will have their meets paid for by BDA.  

Any questions about groups or placement should be forwarded to:

Blue Dolphin Platinum – All ages welcome, based on ability, attitude, and commitment

This group is for swimmers looking to rise to new heights in swimming by committing to all practices required in a given week, as well as several swim meets throughout the season.  This group’s practice regiment includes dryland activities, stroke technique work, aerobic swimming, and sprint training; among other activities such as goal-setting and mental training.  This is for experienced swimmers that exemplify higher standards in training in terms of attendance and practice intensity. Swimmers in this group must be able to train at a high level and time management relative to academics and training is of the utmost importance. It is a highly positive team atmosphere where proper stroke mechanics are necessary, and further emphasis is placed on intense training, mental preparation, and advanced race strategy. The goal of this group is to compete in the highest level meets possible.

Click the link below for BDA Platinum Registration form:

Blue DolphinPLATINUM Annual Registration Form 2016-2017

Gold – All ages welcome

This group is for swimmers looking to move on up in the swimming world and get ready for more serious competition.  This group practices six to seven(7) water practices per week along with strength training, these swimmers will also attend several swim meets throughout the season. Swimmers in this competitive level will have the opportunity to practice developing proper stroke technique and forming correct practice habits. Swimmers should be comfortable with training and do so with good listening skills.  This group includes dryland training, stroke technique work, aerobic/anaerobic swimming, as well as goal setting and mental preparation.  Swimmers should be comfortable and maintain a positive attitude. Practice, discipline, further skill development, challenges, and training are the primary goals of this group.

Click the link below for Gold Registration Form:

Blue Dolphin Gold Annual Registration Form 2016-2017

Silver – Ages 12 and under

This group is for swimmers looking to start their competitive swimming journey.  Silver group will be expected to swim four (4) to five(5) practices a week and attend some swim meets.  Swimmers need not have any prior swimming experience to join this group but it is suggested they possess a basic knowledge of swimming with the ability to swim all 4 strokes.  Correct stroke technique and an increased emphasis on good attendance and practice habits will be focused on to prepare each swimmer for the next levels of competitive swimming.  This group will learn how to better use a lap clock, understand sets, learn how to set goals, and be otherwise mentally prepared to tackle the rigors of daily practice.

Click the link below for Silver Registration Form:
Blue Dolphin Silver Registration Form 2016-2017

Bronze – Ages 12 & Under

This group is for swimmers looking to jump into competitive swimming or transition from learn to swim into a more advanced program.  Swimmers must be willing to commit to 2 days of practice a week and should be looking to gain stroke technique skills, fundamental drills of the four competitive strokes – Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly, dryland training skills, and other skills necessary to swim competitively.  Swimmers must demonstrate a high level of water comfort forming correct practice habits.  To join this group, swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards in any manner and be comfortable in deep water as well as in a group setting away from parents. Swimmers will learn basic floating, kicking, body balance and breathing, creating a base from which they can learn to train. Swimmers will learn competitive readiness, practice discipline, as well as how to have fun in the water. This group may attend a few optional swim meets throughout the season for those interested in competing.

Click the link below for Bronze Registration form:

Born to Swim

This is a 1 on 1 instructor to child environment.  It is a great opportunity for swimmers looking to learn how to swim and is taught by our Senior Elite Swimmers while being overseen by our own Head Instructor.  Our instructors (consisting of National Qualifiers, State/District champions, and otherwise some of the best swimmers in the area) take great pride in giving back and imparting their knowledge to the development of our Born to Swim program and its swimmers. Swimmers should be 1 year or older.  This program includes one 40 minute lessons per week for 4 or 8 weeks, for a total of 6 or 12 lessons.  We seek the imbue each young swimmer with a love for the water, the skills necessary for independent swimming, and various stroke technique skills.  Swimmers in this group will need to purchase a USA membership.

Click the link below for Born to Swim registration form:
Blue Dolphin Born 2 Swim Registration Form Spring 2017

Due to our meet schedule and the University pool schedule there will be weekends we will be unable to hold Bronze practices or born to swim lessons. Below is a tentative list of dates that there WILL be lessons and bronze practices.

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