BDA Holloween @ Robas

Hello Everyone,

When witches go riding , and black cats are seen , soon it will be Halloween !!!!!!

So to celebrate….

BDA will host a night out @ Roba Family Farms on Saturday, October 26th from 5-9. Please join us at campfire sites #3 and #4 and enjoy some mazing, jumping, racing, smashing, eating and chatting fun!

The cost of the tickets is $11.95 per person. If 20 or more people attend we will receive the group admission price of $9.95. Children under 2 are free. If everyone responds by Friday, October 11th with the number of people attending I will let you know the final cost per ticket. In addition, if everyone submits payment by Thursday, October 17th I will gladly pick-up the tickets and distribute at practice the week ofOctober 21.

We will also need food/beverage donations. Please let me know what you would like to bring. If we have to much of the same items I will reach out to let you know.

Jennifer Boyle

(570) 650-3553

E-mail: Jennifer.Boyle

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See you at the Top!

BDA-Doors at University of Scranton

To all BDA,
Please DO NOT prop any doors at University of Scranton with stones or any other things. It is important for U of S security and for our own relationship with the University that we abide by these rules. Parents that are sitting in stands; If you so leave or come in late, and need to gain entry or re-establish entry into the building, try a phone system with other BDA parents as far as calling one of them and having them come let you back in rather than anyone sticking props in the doors. It is important that the coaches stay on deck for liability purposes and not be running back and forth to let people in especially when only one coach is on the deck. It is also imperative that we are not letting others who are not related to BDA into the building either. This is a very touchy issue and as guests of the U of S, we have no choice but to make sure we are following these rules or we will find ourselves looking in from the outside on a permanent basis. I am in no way trying to imply it is anyone of us, but being a guest we are the low man on the totem pole and essentially get blamed for all. Also please again remember we are only allowed in the bleachers upstairs and in the pool area. As guests and for security reasons the University would also like to make sure we don’t wonder around the building or other parts of the building. Also Born to Swim Parents are asked to remain upstairs while watching lessons as the University doesn’t want anyone but the swimmer and coaches on the deck. Thank you all for the understanding and hope this issue no longer becomes our issue. I realize that some have seen other parties from the U of S propping the doors with garbage cans etc as well, and sometimes we even will get blamed for that stuff. So again we ask for full cooperation on this matter to avoid future problems. Thanks
BDA Coaches


2013-2014 BDA Meets and Other Events

Month Meet Date Name of Meet Format/Type of Meet Notes Entry File HTML Results CL2 Download ZIP Download
OCTOBER 5 EMAC Developmental Developmental (10 and U) EMMAUS TM Import HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
12 EMAC Pentathalon Pentathalon 9 & up EMMAUS TM File HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
18-20 Eastern States Swim Clinic (11 & over) 11 and over Cherry Hill, NJ _
November _
15-17 EMAC Fall November Invite A/BB/C (9 & up) EMMAUS TM File HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
December _
5-7 AT & T Winter Nationals University of Tennessee Qualifying standards TENNESEE Enter using OME HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
6-8 NLAC Winter Splash or

New York Sharks Holiday Classic (ALL) Felix Fiesta Middle School
A/BB/C+Mini (all) PENN STATE


TM File HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
12-14 Speedo Junior National Champs Greensboro, NC qualifying standards NC Enter using OME HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
13-15 DSC TYR Cup at F and M College A+ with Q times F & M TM File HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip
13-15 SAKA Prelim/Finals

minimum B standard

Meet Notes TM File HTML Results CL2 Download MM Zip


First Days of Practice/ UPDATE to mandatory parents/swimmers meeting

Our MANDATORY PARENTS/SWIMMERS meeting for all groups will be MONDAY 9/9 at 6:30 PM in a classroom at the University of Scranton. We will meet you at the doors to let you know which classroom.

*Please bring fins, sneakers, water bottle, and goals for EACH practice.

First days of practice are as follows:
BDA ELITE: Tuesday 9/3 at 5 am and 6 pm

GOLD and SILVER: Tuesday 9/3 at 6 pm

BRONZE: Friday 9/6 at 6 pm

Registration deadline/meeting

-Swimmers currently enrolled in BDA must submit registration forms and payments by 8/24/13 to reserve their spot in BDA’s program for the fall.

-There will be a MANDATORY PARENTS and SWIMMERS meeting for all those signed up for BDA on September 3 at the University of Scranton at 6 pm.  This will be the first official day of practice.

Blue Dolphin Registration

Registration E-mails have gone out and we are well on our way to selecting our roster for the 2013-2014 swim season!

You can get information on the team from all over the website, and registration forms are located under each group’s registration page.

  • One new registration tid bit is that our Silver group is now a 2 session per year group, down from the year contract.  After some iteration we decided this was a better way to foster younger swimmers coming up into the sport.


A meet schedule will be coming out shortly and we will be updated it into the schedule along with team events.

Access to the website should be going out to e-mails ASAP for subscriptions, if you do not get one, email with your full name from the e-mail you want associated with your account to receive an invite.

  • Once you log in, you should change your password to one that you will remember and that is secure.
  • You can also choose to display what information is available on this website about you, I’d at least recommend setting up a user name you like that everyone will see when/if you post a comment.
  • If you have not received an e-mail yet inviting you to join our website, then you were missed, please e-mail to receive your invite.


If you have any other questions please don’t be afraid to contact us!


Blue Dolphins – Changes are coming!

Hey Everyone!

In the last few years we have been learning a lot about our team, ourselves, and our program. Change is necessary in all areas of life in order to adapt and excel, and in order for Blue Dolphin Aquatics to continue to grow, some changes are necessary. Most of these changes are coming about due to our Mid Atlantic area being overcrowded; making it nearly impossible to get into meets the way our team is currently structured. Some of the changes are because a clear structure of how to progress within the program and how we organize ourselves within the program are of the utmost importance in realizing our full potential. With some of these things in mind, here are a few of the changes we will be making in order to create the best possible environment for our team and our athletes.

  1. Groups have been restructured as follows: Names as well as age and number caps have been changed/added.
    1. Our current Gold group will be known as Blue Dolphin Senior Elite. Capped at 12 swimmers and invited based on commitment and ability.
    2. Our current Silver group will now be known as Gold. Ages 9&up capped at 9 swimmers.
    3. We will have a new Silver group which will practice 5 days a week. Ages 8-12 capped at 9 swimmers.
      1. Senior Elite, Gold, and Silver will all be required to sign Year long Contracts.
    4. Bronze group will still practice 3 days a week but on Fri/Sat/Sun. Ages 8 & under capped at 18 swimmers. Members of this group will be required to commit to the fall/winter season (Sept – Mar), with a seperate commitment to the spring/summer season (Apr. – Aug.). Also, a clerical error was made this summer with the Bronze group which resulted in gaining an extra day of practice at no extra cost! We were happy to provide this service at the reduced cost, but the error has now been corrected and the price has been adjusted to it’s appropriate level. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Interviews will be required for all new incoming swimmers as well as some current swimmers not currently meeting our policy standards.
  3. Invitations will be making a return for those younger swimmers wishing to age up early. Bronze can be invited to Tue/Wed night with Silver, Silver can be invited to Sat/Sun weekends with Gold, and Gold can be invited Mon/Wed/Fri weights as well as Sat/Sun weekends with the Senior Group(now at a different time.)
  4. Finally our 10 week payment plan will be changing due to our commitment policies changing. Along with the option of paying by credit card, payments will be due either Monthly, Quarterly, semiannually, or all at once. The total annual cost of the program has not changed, and in fact has gotten cheaper depending on the payment option you choose.

During these times of change we would like to thank all of our current members for their patience and understanding while we work things out. We are planning on getting registration sheets out in early August and most questions should be answered when those are sent out. If you still have any questions after the registration e-mail please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again and see you at the top!
~Joe, JB, J9, D