Blue Dolphins – Changes are coming!

Hey Everyone!

In the last few years we have been learning a lot about our team, ourselves, and our program. Change is necessary in all areas of life in order to adapt and excel, and in order for Blue Dolphin Aquatics to continue to grow, some changes are necessary. Most of these changes are coming about due to our Mid Atlantic area being overcrowded; making it nearly impossible to get into meets the way our team is currently structured. Some of the changes are because a clear structure of how to progress within the program and how we organize ourselves within the program are of the utmost importance in realizing our full potential. With some of these things in mind, here are a few of the changes we will be making in order to create the best possible environment for our team and our athletes.

  1. Groups have been restructured as follows: Names as well as age and number caps have been changed/added.
    1. Our current Gold group will be known as Blue Dolphin Senior Elite. Capped at 12 swimmers and invited based on commitment and ability.
    2. Our current Silver group will now be known as Gold. Ages 9&up capped at 9 swimmers.
    3. We will have a new Silver group which will practice 5 days a week. Ages 8-12 capped at 9 swimmers.
      1. Senior Elite, Gold, and Silver will all be required to sign Year long Contracts.
    4. Bronze group will still practice 3 days a week but on Fri/Sat/Sun. Ages 8 & under capped at 18 swimmers. Members of this group will be required to commit to the fall/winter season (Sept – Mar), with a seperate commitment to the spring/summer season (Apr. – Aug.). Also, a clerical error was made this summer with the Bronze group which resulted in gaining an extra day of practice at no extra cost! We were happy to provide this service at the reduced cost, but the error has now been corrected and the price has been adjusted to it’s appropriate level. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Interviews will be required for all new incoming swimmers as well as some current swimmers not currently meeting our policy standards.
  3. Invitations will be making a return for those younger swimmers wishing to age up early. Bronze can be invited to Tue/Wed night with Silver, Silver can be invited to Sat/Sun weekends with Gold, and Gold can be invited Mon/Wed/Fri weights as well as Sat/Sun weekends with the Senior Group(now at a different time.)
  4. Finally our 10 week payment plan will be changing due to our commitment policies changing. Along with the option of paying by credit card, payments will be due either Monthly, Quarterly, semiannually, or all at once. The total annual cost of the program has not changed, and in fact has gotten cheaper depending on the payment option you choose.

During these times of change we would like to thank all of our current members for their patience and understanding while we work things out. We are planning on getting registration sheets out in early August and most questions should be answered when those are sent out. If you still have any questions after the registration e-mail please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again and see you at the top!
~Joe, JB, J9, D

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