Our Policies


We believe that for each swimmer to reach their full potential and achieve their goals as a member of the BDA team and family, it is essential to be committed to attending practices and meets.

  • We expect swimmers/parents to notify the coaches if a swimmer is unable to attend a practice or meet as soon as possible.  First, we care about knowing where the swimmers are.  Second, this helps the coaches to be able to plan practice and meet sessions. Unless it is an emergency please contact the coaching staff through e-mail: BlueDolphinAquatics@gmail.com
  • Coaches reserve the right to move swimmers into another group based on their commitment, work ethic, and/or attitude.
  • Be on time for practices and meets.  If you are running late please let us know so we can plan practice and so that we can complete scratch sheets at meets.
    • If a swimmer is not at a meet at the time they are asked to be there without notifying the coaches, he or she may be scratched from their events in that session.

You may contact coaches by either calling them in an emergency, or e-mailing them at: BlueDolphinAquatics@gmail.com


Attendance at practice is the backbone of any great swimmer.  We expect all of our members at practice every day. As a hard rule, all of our swimmers are required to be at a minimum of 80% attendance at any given time.   Should a swimmer fall below this standard, he or she will be given the opportunity to rise back above it.  However, should they be unable to get back on track, then he or she will be moved down a group, or if that is not a possibility, the swimmer may be asked to leave the program.  Please remember, if removed from the program for any reason, each swimmer still owes the remainder of the total money due from their contract.


At BDA we occasionally invite swimmers to swim with the next age group before they ‘age up’.  Swimmers will be invited based on what the coaches see at practice in terms of commitment, attitude and work ethic, as well as each child’s attendance.


Meet General

Each swimmer must commit to going to swim meets.

  • It is important as a member of BDA to set goals and go to meets throughout the season to accomplish and evaluate those goals.
  • Swimmers must be dressed in BDA attire while on the pool deck at meets.
  • Cell phones on deck have become a distraction to athletes and coaches.  Swimmers miss being in the moment and miss moments they should be supporting their teammates.  Cell phones will no longer be allowed on deck at swim meets unless it is an emergency situation.
  • Swimmers are expected to swim the max number of events allowed per day at a meet when possible.
  • All swimmers swimming in a session must stay until the last BDA swimmer finishes their race unless otherwise directed by a coach.
  • BDA is a team; no individual swimmer or relay should be swimming alone.  It is important for the entire team to support each race.
  • Each swimmer is expected to sign up for and swim in the highest possible meet that they have qualified for at the end of the season.
    • Example:  If a swimmer qualifies for JO’s, he or she is expected to swim at JO’s. If a swimmer qualifies for senior championships or nationals, that swimmer is expected to swim at those meets as well.
    • Swimmers will sometimes be invited to go to qualifying meets on a relay.  This is a privilege and when invited it is expected those swimmers will attend the meet.  Should the offer be declined the opportunity may not come again.  Generally, but not always, swimmers entered into a meet on a relay, have opportunities to swim time trials for valid USA times.
  • Meet entry fees for those at 100% attendance will be covered by BDA.
    • Entry fees for those not at 100% are $25/day signed up, due by Monday of the meet week.
    • If a swimmer commits to attending a specific meet and does not show up, they will be fined $25 per day missed.  If a swimmer leaves early from a meet and misses one or more of their swims they may be fined $10/event missed or a maximum of $25.
  • Athletes are expected to see coaches immediately following a race
    • Feedback is where athletes can learn from the experience of a race.  They can learn from mistakes and use information to make corrections at practices and in future races.

Meet Swimming

  • When signing up for meets, swimmers are expected to swim in each session they are signed up for.  This also includes finals, if a swimmer qualifies for finals they are expected to swim at finals.
  • In a prelims/finals meet, if any swimmer from the team qualifies to swim in finals all swimmers who swim in prelims of that session are expected to return for finals whether or not they are swimming in order to support their teammates.
  • If a swimmer does not attend finals they may be fined and/or be scratched from their remaining events that meet.

These policies are in place to ensure that we have team support at meets, having a TEAM behind you makes everyone better!  It also has to do with the concept of ‘paying it forward,’ eventually we’d like to see all of our swimmers reach the highest levels of swimming, and when they do, they too will have a TEAM behind them.


Unconditional parental support and love is the foundation of an athlete’s success.

  • Parents should understand how difficult the sport is.  Athletes, students, and people grow through making mistakes, learning, and changing.  Nobody gets 100% best times every time out.  Otherwise they would be at 0 time very quickly.
  • Swimming, like life, is full of struggles and challenges, and that is what helps us grow.  Reflect on how many mistakes you have made to become who you are.
  • Parents are welcome to observe in the stands at practices and meets; however, parents and family members are also expected to act with class and character while in the stands. Negative sentiments towards BDA’s program, swimmers, or coaches will not be tolerated.  If you have any questions or concerns please bring them directly to the coaches.
  • If any parent or swimmer has a question/concern with the program he or she may ask to schedule a meeting with the coaches before or after practice.  Please do not approach coaches during a meet session or during practice with a problem.


  • Since we do not have our own pool, we are always guests wherever we go.  It is important to show respect for the buildings and people working in the buildings by cleaning up after ourselves during practices and meets.
  • It is also important to show respect for each other regardless if you are a parent, swimmer, or coach at all BDA functions. Verbal/physical aggression will not be tolerated.

Coaches Discretion

Coaches will make decisions based on what they feel is best for the person/athlete and/or for the team.  Sometimes making these decisions seems to go against some of these policies, if you have any questions about our actions you may ask why we acted as we did. However, in the end it comes down to our coach’s discretion and is a coaching decision.


Failure to adhere to any of these policies may result in a monetary fine or a suspension.  If a fine is levied against a swimmer, that swimmer will not be eligible for any meets in the future and may be asked to leave the program if it is not paid in a timely manner.


Updated Monday, July 23rd, 2013

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