Our Mission



Blue Dolphin Aquatics is a TEAM where Together Everyone Achieves More. Many fine individuals and terrific swimmers have grown and come out of our program. BDA is a Family you become part of for LIFE.

Our goal is to bring fun and an appreciation to swimming. Our program offers swimming as a sport for life where young persons and swimmers grow. BDA is an investment in your child’s future and a worthy one. We provide a positive swimming experience and expect our athletes to actively participate in their own personal development. We pride ourselves on the individual emphasis given to technique, goal setting, mental aspects of training & competing. Trademarks of our program are personal growth, responsibility, commitment, self discipline, and life lessons. BDA practice is where Blue Dolphin swimmers of all ages learn, develop, pursue excellence, and grow together. Each individual becomes responsible for shaping their own destiny, not leaving their potential to chance.

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