Sat Mini Session

Brenna blazing smiles Dahlgren cruised to a best 50 (47.83) and 4 second drop in her 100 free (141.34). Alyssa “my boots were made for swimming” then raced to a triple best 100 free dropping 6 from her 100 (19.02)(41.71)(129.12). In this swim, she crushed the 7-8 BDA record held by Elizabeth Manley.

Brenna and Alyssa took to the pool again racing in the 50 back. In this race Brenna bolted to her best 50 time (51.65), finishing strong and negative splitting her race!

The dynamic duo then raced some pretty 50 flys, just off their bests. Brenna and Alyssa also came back to cheer on their teammates in the afternoon session! Thanks for your team support!

Sat 9-12 session

Anna “pretty strokes” Bushta backstroked to her best 200 in style and with a smile (327.91). Anna also showed improved technique with some shining breaststroke modeled after her brother Kyle.

Aviah Dahlgren showed some glowing bursts of energy and cool strokes throughout her swims, finishing close to her 100 free. Aviah also helped with the BDA mini session before hers!

Haley Awesome Thier rocketed 5 seconds from her best 200 back, swimming a wonderfully paced race to start out her night. She also hopped in the pool for an exciting 50 back, negative splitting and earning her best 25 on the second half (34.94)(17.23). She courageously went after her 200 IM, earning a best 25 and 50 fly going out with strong and powerful strokes (14.81)(32.77). Haley also did a nice job trying to lead her teammates.

Eliza “taking charge of a lane” Wilson swam tremendously improved long and elegant freestyle, earning a best 50 and close to her 100 but showing some great strides (43.24). Eliza also showed some style in breaststroke with some nice technique in another swim, doing a nice job taking everything in and using it to improve. Eliza again tried something different in her fly, earning her best 25 going out (23.86). She finished putting some of the things she’s been working on together in a strong 200 IM.

Avery versatile McNulty swam close to her best100 free with a blazing start. She then sliced off 2 from her 50 back, working on some head back strokes and gaining a double best (19.79)(40.26). In the 50 fly, Avery put on her dancing shoes and danced her way to another double best (17.00)(38.00). In her 200 IM she tried out and awesomely flipped to her new back to breast turn.

Jack”I’m in charge” Walsh represented the BDA boys with pride. Jack kept his kicking motor running throughout his 100 free with some improved strokes (21.16)(46.78)(142.66). He then clobbered his best 50 jackstroke by 4(52.83) keeping his kicking motor running. Jack also showed much improvement in his fly with best 25 and 50 (26.72)(103.33). Finally in his 200 IM, he stole the show going after a best 50 fly (102.61), and finishing with an outstanding 11 second drop from his bests hoeing his continued progress (404.15).

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