Senior Champs DAY 3 & 4

Never live in the past but always learn from it.
– Anonymous

200 Fly

Cat Donlon started the BDA swimmers off to its best day when she swam to a LTB by over 3 seconds in a time of 2:15.62. The swim moved Donlon up to 2nd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. Nico Lastauskas followed suit with a 1:58.30 that rebroke his own Team and BDA age group record and put himself into the nigh time finals.

50 Freestyle

Haley Thier kept the good times rolling with another fast sprint hitting a double best of 12.18, 25.69 which was good for 9th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. Bailey Babarsky sped out a double best as well with a 12.21, 25.51 that landed her 6th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart. Audrey Campo grabbed 2 BDA bests with a 11.78, and 24.64, just shy of her sister Rebekah’s mark from 2011 and put her 2nd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. The swim placed her in the medal round for finals.

200 Breaststroke

Bailey Babarsky kept the streak going for the BDA swimmers as she garnered the 9th straight BDA best in a row with a 2:30.98 almost cutting off 2 seconds in the event. The time put her in 4th place on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list and brought her back for a swim in the finals. Audrey Campo had a great swim in her 200 Breaststroke breaking her sister Rebekah’s 2011 time of 2:24.98 with a new best by over 5 seconds of 2:20.72. The swim brought her back to swim in the medal rounds of the event. Audrey’s efforts gave her the swim of the session. Nico Lastauskas rebroke his 200 yard Team and Age Group mark by over 2 seconds with a 2:12.89 and kept he BDA streak of best times at 11 strong. The swim also gave Lastauskas another opportunity to swim again in he evening finals.

100 Backstroke

Cat Donlon had a triple best time in her 100 Back with a 13.92, 29.43, 100.76. Her new found success may be something of a forcast of things to come in the future. Cat’s swim placed her 3rd respectively in the 50 and 100 on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list and held the streak to 14 BDA bests in a row. The swim was considered the 2nd best swim of the session as she cut almost 3 seconds off her previous. Audrey Campo was up in time in her 100 Back. Peyton McNulty swam a crazy exactly even split race in her Backstroke to grab a triple best. McNulty was out in 30.35 , and 1:00.70 which put her 8th and 2nd respectively on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. Peyton’s last 25 was her fastest of 14.77.

500 Freestyle

Nico Lastauskas put up a 4:48.29 which gave him another swim at finals. Bailey Babarsky struggled in her 500 with a 5:28.28. Cat Donlon swam a strong 500 Free just a few tenths off her best at 5:18.61.

Cat Donlon won swimmer of the session for the morning prelims.

“Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.”
Brian Tracy

Time Trials
Haley Thier was just off her best 100 Free with a 57.86. Peyton McNulty swam to a triple best time in 100 Breaststroke going 15.30, 34.87, and 1:13.89 which put her 10th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list.

“Great talent is, in almost all cases, nothing more than the outward manifestations of an unwavering dedication to a process.”
Sean Patrick

200 FLY
Nico Lastauskas dropped over 1 second to again lower his BDA TEAM and Age Group record in this event down to 1:57.01. The swim gave him an 18th place finish.

50 Freestyle
Audrey Campo swam a double best BDA time in the finals of her 50 where she placed 14th. She went a 11.61 and 24.63 just off the TEAM and Age Group marks.

200 Breaststroke
Bailey Babarsky and Audrey Campo raced in the finals of the Breaststroke going a little slower from their morning best times. Audrey placed 5th and Bailey moved up to 22nd. Nico Lastauskas lowered his BDA TEAM and Age group record another second with a 2:11.21 placing 11th in the finals.

500 Freestyle
Nico Lastauskas swam a hard fought race in his 500 to place 12th in a 4:46.59 just off his BDA Team record.

Lastauskas was named swimmer of the Final session.

Audrey Campo (53.50), Cat Donlon (53.36) 3rd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10, Bailey Babarsky (55.00) 6th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10, and Haley Thier (56.23) combined their efforts to place 9th overall in the finals and break the BDA TEAM and Open Age Group record in the event. The foursome swam to a victory in their heat and cracked the old record held by Nonnenberg, Stahl, Donlon, and Voitik of 3:39.53. Congrats on your team efforts as 3 of the 4 girls went a best time and one was .15 off.
Cat Donlon and Haley Thier were both named swims of the sessions on the Relay for their splits.

“Limitations live only in our minds.
But if we use our imaginations,
our possibilities become limitless.”
–Jamie Paolinetti

Day 4 Prelims
200 Backstroke
The morning session was opened up by Cat Donlon swimming strong from the previous day and putting up a 2:13.87 LTB for a major drop in time and again showing this stroke maybe a pursuit in the future. The time put her 5th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. Peyton McNulty again struggling to hit form went up a few seconds to a 2:14.97. Nico Lastauskas drove hard with a best of 2:00.51 which put him in 2nd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart just off Greg Germain’s Team Record of 1:59.83.

100 Freestyle
Bailey Babarsky swam a really nice 100 Free even stronger than her Relay swim the night before with a 55.26 which kept her in 6th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart. Cat Donlon couldn’t quite produce the grand results she hit on the relay the night before for her own Freestyle event as she put up a 54.84. Audrey Campo also hit the roadblocks in her 4th day morning swim only mustering up a 54.74.

200 IM
The 4th day is typically a tough monster mentally. Our IM’ers proved they were up for the challenge. Peyton McNulty went a BDA best of 14.52 in her 25 Fly and a 2:21.11 overall. Audrey Campo posted a triple best with a 12.66 and 28.11 LTB in her first two laps of Fly and ended the race with a LTB of 2:10.01 and landed herself in the medal round of the 200 IM at finals. Nico Lastauskas swam a triple best as well showing his mental toughness and resolve with a 11.65, 25.83, and 1:58.81 BDA best. The swim also got him into the night time finals.

1000/1650 mile
If the weekend isn’t long enough, they start the meet off with a 1000 Free for the boys and mile swim for the girls. Then they end the weekend with just the reverse where the girls swim the 1000 and boys finish up with the mile. The reverse this process from year to year so both boys and girls get to experience the joy. Bailey Babarsky swam a perfect race in her 1000 going a 1111.71 dropping over 20 plus seconds. The swim moved her up to 5th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. Peyton McNulty and Audrey Campo were both off their best times but still had a chance to experience the long weekend of joys. Cat Donlon swam a strong first half but faded in the end. The race is a tricky one in that your body is beat up from all the weekend swims and if you work to hard going out you pay dearly in the end. Donlon sort of did that while trying to be aggressive and chase after her best time her body shut down on her half way thru. Nico Lastauskas was already the iron man of the weekend for Team BDA. It would be his 14th of 15 swims for the 4 days. Fatigue makes cowards of us all, but Lastauskas trained like a champion each day hitting goal pace more often than not, and he went out smart and ended up swimming a race plan that led him to a 24 second drop in time from his previous best and lower the BDA TEAM record. His time of 16:25.10 was a thing of beauty. he split 457.37, 459.99, and 5:00.50 for his 500’s going out. If we took the 500’s backward from the finish he split 4:59.67, 4:58.42, 4:59.23. Nico’s 550’s looked like this at 5:27.43, 5:28.38, and 5:29.29 to complete his swim in record time. Not an easy task but a great task taken on by a warrior who trains for the moment. The swim gained Lastauskas swim and swimmer of the preliminary session. Nico also grabbed the 9th place honors overall.

You can make excuses all you want. But at the end of the day all you’ll have are poor excuses and another wasted day.

200 IM
Audrey Campo swam her last individual event of the night with a bang. The way all final swim should be done. Campo nailed 3 best times in route to placing 5th in the IM. Campo went out in 12.58, 27.50 (6th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 List), and finished with a 2:08.67 (2nd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart.) It showed Campo at hopefully a turning point moving forward in night time swims. Audrey Campo swim was the swim of the session and was named swimmer of the Final session.

Nico Lastauskas still feeling the effects of his mile swim, managed to put up a BDA best of 25.76 in his opening 50 fly and fought greatly to bring the race home in a 1:59.99. Many of the swimmers who had to champion both events did not fair as well as Lastauskas.

400 Medley Relay
The foursome of Peyton McNulty (14.72 LTB/101.39), Audrey Campo (1:05.64), Cat Donlon (1:00.56), and Bailey Babarsky (54.49 LTB) (6th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list) came away with a BDA TEAM and Age Group record. The time of 4:01.88 crushed the old record of Nonnenberg, Stahl, Donlon, and Voitik of 4:08.09 from 2013. The girls finished 5th overall in the race.

Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny.
– Carl Schurz

Lastauskas was named swimmer of the 2016 Senior Championships.

The 6 swimmers put up a total of 70 BDA BESTS.

Great finish and to challenging season. It is good to see all of you racing to the TOP!

Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise.

Senior Championships 2016 DAY 1 & 2

ime“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

Well the long winter season finally came to a close with the 6 Senior Championship swimmers tallying up some final Lifetime Best Times. Senior Championships is a best described as a marathon stay at the pool filled with lots of gutty swims some of which are grueling in your final phase of a long road of tapers.

The 6 Senior Championship swimmers representing BDA were Bailey Babarsky, Audrey Campo, Cat Donlon, Nico Lastauskas, Peyton McNulty, and Haley Thier. They didn’t disappoint us although they battled some tough times and a long 4 days consisting up to 10 swims plus more if they made it back to finals. Fortunately the group made it back for some swims in the finals and in most cases swam faster and scored some points for the club. The 5 girls finished in the 9th overall while the lone wolf Nico Lastauskas brought in enough points to on the boys side to grab 21st place. The combined team scored 14th overall. A pretty good showing for the small group.

““We see the world, not as it is, but as we are –

or, as we are conditioned to see it.”
Stephen Covey

Day 1-
The first day Nico Lastauskas had a rough opening in his 1000 Freestyle. So it was not the first day the team had planned for as a opening night.

“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”


Day 2-

200 Freestyles
Bailey Babarsky led the team off with a best 200 Free in a 1:58.36 (3rd on the BDA All TIme Top 10). This was the opening the team was looking forward to having and it looked like the meet was gonna go the way it was planned. Cat Donlon then struggled in her 200 Free. Although not the 1:54 record smashing swim she went at Districts, it still was a swim she had to deal with having as she too met with adversity as she went up 5 seconds. Nico Lastauskas came out swinging in his 200 and went his best time of 1:46.06 (2nd BDA ALL TIME TOP 10). If not for slow 3rd 50, Lastauskas would have cracked the barrier easily as he didn’t let the night before’s disappointment keep him down.

100 Breaststroke
Haley Thier found a little bit of her form she lost from her Senior cut 1:12 she came out of nowhere to swim earlier in the year, finally bringing her time back within that range as she had not been close since. Haley posted a 1:14.69. Cat Donlon also had a similiar catch of good luck with her stroke as she has long stuggled since her 108, to get back down in range with a 1:12.13. Audrey Campo hit 3 best BDA times of 14.21, 31.55, and 1:06.14 to crack her sister Rebekah Campo’s team and age group record of 106.93. The swim got her back to Finals for a night time swim. Campo’s 50 time was just off her sister’s record of 31.18 (2nd on the BDA All TIME TOP 10). Bailey Babarsky then went a triple BDA best of her own with a 14.75, 32.24, 109.15. Babarsky’s 50 & 100 both put her 3rd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart. Babarsky also charted herself another swim in the finals. Nico Lastauskas put up a double BDA best in his 100 Breaststroke with a 13.18 and a 29.04 (2nd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10).

Haley Thier swam a strong first half, just fading in the last lap, but still grabbed a triple best of 12.72, 28.55, and 1:02.52. Thier showed her awesome speed going out and put herself 9th and 10th respectively on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list for her swims. Her swim was noticed as the swim of the session. Cat Donlon came up next and nailed a double best of 12.33, and 100.67 which landed her 4th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list.

400 IM
Audrey Campo had a hard 443.35 400 IM and was up 4 seconds from her best but managed to make it back to finals. Nico Lastauskas cut off 3 seconds to post and best of 4:11.26 lowering his Team and Age Group record and make it back to finals. Peyton McNulty pawed her way to a double best in her IM with a 25 best Fly of 14.68, ending with a final time of 4:54.06 securing 8th on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 chart. Bailey just finished .22 ahead of her best to post a 4:53.77 and land 7th overall on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 list. She also posted a double best in her fly leg of the IM with a 25 of 13.19 and 100 of 1:08.04.

Nico Lastauskas just edged out Bailey Babarsky for the Swimmer of the Prelim Session.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
– John Andrew Holmes Jr.

Time Trials
Peyton McNulty and Haley Thier both raced in a 200 Freestyle Time Trial. Peyton dealt with some rough waters going up in her time while Thier fought to a LTB of 2:07.25 cutting off some time from her previous best.

“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.”
Denis Waitley


100 Breaststroke
Bailey Babarsky went out in a BDA best of 13.52, but finished just off of her morning time to place 24th.
Audrey Campo swam triple best BDA times going a 14.18, 31.28, 1:06.07. The time placed her 3rd overall at the meet, and was faster than her morning TEAM and Age Group record. Her 50 moved her within .1 seconds of her sister Rebekah’s team record.

400 IM
Audrey Campo came back and swam a better race and dropped 3 seconds off her best and 7 seconds from her sluggish prelim swim. Campo’s 4:36.62 also placed her 3rd on the BDA ALL TIME TOP 10 Chart. The swim placed her 18th overall. Nico Lastauskas raced the one of his better swims in the finals of the 400 IM when he chopped off almost 4 seconds from his morning swim and lower his team and age group record to a 4:07.87. The swim placed him 11th overall and gained him the swim of the session as well as Swimmer of the Finals session.

The team of Audrey Campo (2:00.76) (8th ALL TIME BDA TOP 10), Bailey Babarsky, Peyton McNulty, and Haley Thier placed 15th in the 800 Free Relay with and 8:14.89.

”Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”

Terrific Time Trials


BDA swimmers tackled some events Monday evening for time trials. Abby Bowen started the session out with a sterling triple best 100 breaststroke (17.57)(38.08)(120.66). Abby’s partner, Victoria Wrobleski cruised to a BDA best 100 breast of her own (122.60). James Stanco then tackled the 200 free where he swam an outstanding paced race earning a 4 second drop and sensational swim (205.94). Natalie Colarossi started her day off with a 2 second drop in her speedy 100 back (150.90). Abby Bowen then went after the 100 fly and, with her great technique, Abby captured a triple best and super 4 second drop (15.24)(33.12)(111.77). Victoria earned her BDA best 100 free, close to her best 100 high school time, but slicing 3 seconds from her BDA best (100.98). Abby Bowen cruised to another best in her 50 free (28.16), while Victoria Wrobleski earned another BDA best cruising to the same 28.16 time. Victoria Wrobleski finished off her day with her best 500 time (626.41). James Stanco swam close to his best 500. Natalie Colarossi also was close to her best 50’s free and breast. But Abby Bowen stole the show with an amazingly paced race, and outstanding 12 second drop, cracking 6:00 for the first time and showing off her distance prowess with a 550.81 500 freestyle time. Way to go BDA swimmers earning best times at practice. Abby Bowen earned SWIMMER OF THE TIME TRIALS with some outstanding races and time drops.

Attached are the updated best times.