BDA/Prep Swimmer Nico Lastauskas named Athlete of the Week

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Scranton Prep’s Nico Lastauskas

Published: December 28, 2015

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The Scranton Prep senior set a pair of swimming records in his team’s 97-29 victory over Holy Cross on Wednesday. He broke his school record in the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 1 minute, 59.63 seconds and later set a University of Scranton pool record by swimming the first 400 yards of the 500 free as an individual medley in a time of 4:15.21.
Age: 17
Family members: father Jeffrey; mother Kristin; brother Matthew
Favorite sports team: I’m a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan even though (Sunday’s) game was tough to watch.
Athlete you admire: Antonio Brown because of his passion for his sport. I really like how he goes about everything. He’s really dedicated to his team.
How about three people you’d like to have dinner with? I’ll say my uncle R.J., my grandfather Edward and I’ll go back to Antonio Brown.
You said you had about 10 minutes in between the 200 medley relay and the 200 IM. How did you feel after that relay victory going into the IM race? I felt good. I did a 50-yard breaststroke in the relay so two laps of that. I wasn’t too tired from that and still had a lot of energy. I felt really strong.
Did you realize that you had set a school record after you finished the race? I did. I looked up and I couldn’t believe the time. I felt like I was moving but not faster than I did at the (2014) district championships where I originally set the record. It was kind of surprising.
How much did that event fire you up for the rest of the meet? Big time. It just gave me even more confidence to go out there and get the pool record in the 400 IM because that was a goal of mine for a long time to get my name up on the record board.
How did it feel to cap your day with a win in the 400 free relay? It felt great. I cracked 50 seconds in the 100 for the first time after doing all that. It was pretty surprising, I wasn’t expecting that.

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The Highlights at PSU…….

The 3rd day of fun at Penn State started and ended with a bang of good performances.

100 Free
Abby Bowen, the newcomer busted loose for a double best in her 100 Free. Bowen hit a 14.33 first 25 and dropped a second from her previous best with a new PB of 1:03.47.

James Stormin Stanco dropped over 4 seconds to post a 1:01.74 big boy swim.

Bailey Babarsky cut some time from her last meet perfomance to drop down into the 57.67 range.

Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.

– George Van Valkenberg

100 Breaststroke
Abby Bowen was almost a no show, but showed up the 2nd time to slice a little over a second off of her previous time to grab a 1:27.39.

Haley Thier got back on track with her hot stuff Breaststroke nailing a triple best performance. After trying to go after a great 200 Breaststroke the day before where she was out fast and faded, this time Haley Awesome Thier lived up to the her middle name and swam a pretty solid race in her 100 Breaststroke. Haley went out in a blazing 15.16 first 25 (1/2 second better), split a 33.61 at the half (over 1 second faster), and finished with a 1:12.14 (a little over a second better than her previous best). Thier won the event and proved again she was worthy of her Senior Cut. Haley’s efforts gained her swim of the session.

Victoria Wrobleski swam a best 50 Breaststroke going out in her 100 with a 39.95, cracking the 40 second mark.

Peyton McNulty raced to a triple best with the times of 16.89, 37.40, and 1:18.43. McNulty got under the 1:20 for the second time, the first in a timed effort at practice with a 1:19 and then officially when it counted.

Bailey Babarsky got closer to her best lowering her time to a 1:!3.46.

Audrey Campo posted a 1:11.66 and a best of the season as well.

Nico Lastauskas hit a lifetime best in his 100 Breaststroke with a 1:03.05 to close out a pretty solid Breaststroke corp of swims that are unshaved and unrested and unsuited and a result of hard work together.

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.

– William A. Ward

200 Backstroke
Abbey Bowen dropped 2 seconds from her previous best to post a 2:40.89. Abbey is learning and keeps progressively getting better.

James Stormin Stanco swam a solid 200 where he dropped 6 seconds to post a 2:43.78.

Peyton McNutly continued with a better 3rd day after being a little off on the first two. But keeping it positive she made a season best in her 200 by over 3 seconds for a 2:14.99.

Nico Lastauskas kept up the assault on his best times posting yet another of 2:08.05 trying some new techniques.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

– Booker T. Washington

100 Butterfly
Haley Thier kept her good day good with another LTB in her 100 Fly. She bested her Official best by almost a second, and by about a half a second from a practice time trial.

James Stormin Stanco dropped a couple of seconds from Friday night going out in the 400 IM. James hit a 1:15.12 PR.

Bailey Babarsky lit it up with her 100 Fly triple going a 13.75, 31.59, 110.11, just missing getting under the 70 second mark. It was over a second better than her best she posted going out in the 400 IM as well.

Audrey Campo sliced over a second off her 100 Fly to nail a 1:03.20 Best. Campo seems to be coming into her own in the 100 Fly, making it part of her arsenal.

Nico Lastauskas showed up for another race with 2 LTB’s in his 100 Fly. He posted a 12.06, and 56.84, taking off a solid second from his previous best.

A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.

The night ended with many great 200 IM swims.
Abbey Bowen chopped over a second off her 200 with a 2:43.07 showing. Most of her good stuff came on the last lap where she powered herself home in a 15.88.

Haley Thier was just off her last meet swim time by a few tenths with a 2:25.13.

James Cheese It Stanco, went after his 200 IM with a fast 50 Fly of 33.14. He dropped 9 seconds from the last meet with a new PR of 2:43.19.

Victoria Wrobleski may have been one of the coaches favorite swims of the night when she attacked from the start to post a double best. Victoria’s fast and furious Fly of 33.62, and a solid 6 second drop to hit a 2:38.68 IM best swim. Victoria swam under the 2:40 mark and it was a real progress swim.

Bailey Babarsky chipped a little bit more of time off her previous meet to post a season best of 2:26.67.

Peyton McNutly knocked off 3 seconds in her 200 to post a season best of 2;25.29. Keeping her 3 day highs alive.

Audrey Campo finally let a little sneak preview of things to come out of the hat when she posted a season best in her 200 IM with a 2:16.21 season best by 2 seconds.

Nico Lastauskas set a new BDA Team and 15-18 Age Group record in his last swim of the night winning the event from behind with a 2:01.47. The swim earned him the swimmer of the session. And also put a star on his weekend perfomance allowing him to be named the Overall Swimmer of the Meet for BDA.

Over all the BDA Team of Abbey Bowen, Audrey Campo, Bailey Babarsky, Haley Thier, James Stanco, Nico Lastauskas, Peyton McNulty, and Victoria Wrobleski put up a very strong weekend and we look forward to seeing what the road ahead will look like. Thanks guys you did a good job of support and staying together and making it a great weekend. Lots more to learn and grow from the experiences we had. Many more journeys to take and do amazing stuff with. Keep the faith and as always, we will see you at the TOP!

Saturday Smiles at Happy Valley

Saturday Morning Smiles at Happy Valley

200 fly: Haley Thier flew through the 200 fly to lead off the day with a second drop from her best (236.31).  Audrey Campo conquered some of her butterflies to finish her 200 fly strong with a best 233.08. Nico Lastauskas hopped up on the blocks to swim a nice race and another 2 second drop in his swim.

200 free: James Stanco stormed through his 200 free with another 5 second drop from Friday night. Audrey Campo finished strong showing she had a lot left and dropped 2 seconds from her last meet for her season best. Nico Lastauskas then grew his 200 free by trying a new way to pace his race revving up his best time ever (148.97) and earning SWIM OF THE SESSION. 

200 breast:  James Stanco cracked a triple best in his 200 breast going a 43.40, 134.36, and slicing 20 seconds off his best 200 (318.45).  Victoria swam a new and impressive breaststroke going a best 25 ( 17.82) and coming in close to her best. Audrey Campo swam a strong race, 3 seconds faster than her best of the season. Peyton McNulty sliced off 7 seconds from the last meet bringing herself closer to her best in a strong swim of her own. Bailey Babarsky also changed up her tempo and swam a nicely paced race. Nico came back strong again close to his best.

100 back:  James Stanco clobbered his best 25 and 50 back (17.31)(35.84), and just edged out his best 100 (116.07) with another triple best swim.  Audrey Campo cruised to a best 50 back (31.28) going after her 100. Bailey Babarsky and Nico Lastauskas swim strong races close to their bests from last meet. Peyton McNulty swam consistently close to her season best from the last meet.

50 free:  James Stanco again showed off his champion racing with a smiling double best (13.84)(28.49). Victoria Wrobleski sprinted herself to a dazzling double best of her own with another speedy swim (13.96)( 29.41).  Bailey Babarsky swam her 50 faster than the last meet, coming within 0.1 of her best.

James Stormin Stanco earned SWIMMER OF THE SESSION swimming bests in all of his races and showing off his improved work.


Friday Night Highlights at PSU

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.
– William A. Ward

500 Freestyles
Bailey Babarsky and Peyton McNulty opened up the night with some strong efforts. Babarsky put up as well swam performance just off her best by 5 seconds.

Nico Lastauskas found himself a new BDA Team Record and rhe15-18 Age Group Record in his distance swim with a 4:51.53.
Lastauskas took off a couple seconds off his previous record setting porformance and a second off his Best. Voted the Touch Guy swim.

Haley Thier swam out in front of herself to push to a 5:56.89 just a couple off her best.

Audrey Campo was within 4 seconds of her best with a 5:39.39.

James Stormin Stanco stole the show with his 500 swim when he rose to the occasion and parted the sea with his high end perfomance. Stanco lit it up with a best 200 in 2:23.79 and a 1:35 second drop in his 500 to a 6:07.32. STANCO came home strong with a 33.36 last 50. Stanco’s swim was the best of the 500’s. His efforts grabbed him Swim of the session

Victoria Wrobleski had the swim of her life as she cut off 39 seconds and hit a 6:28.02. She finished up her swim with a 36.22. The swim was the 2nd best of the time drop performances for BDA.

400 IM
Audrey Campo went out strong in her 100 Fly portion of her 400 IM. Audrey hit a best 25 fly wit a 13:43 BEST and just a few seconds off her best. . Peyton McNutly swam within 5 seconds of her best.

Nico Lastauskas came from behind to pickup his 2nd win of the evening, narrowly missing his BDA Team record of 4:17.92 with a next best of 4:18.11.

The Race of the night came when Bailey Babarsky and Haley Thier traded the lead 4 times within a few tenths of a second of each other all the way and pushed themselves to Personal Bests. Babarsky stuck the last lap with a last second push to out touch Thier by little under a second. Babarsky hit a BDA best of 111.47 in her 100 Fly and chased away 2 seconds from her previous best with a new one of 5:09.43 cracking the 5:10 barrier. Bailey had a time drop of 2 seconds. Haley Thier took off 3 seconds from her best to move to a 5:10.24 PR. Voted Favorite Race of the night.

James Stormin Stanco hit a triple best in his 400 IM going out in 33.83 and 1:17.38 during the Fly legs. Stanco dropped 18 seconds to post a 5:55.33 best time.

Victoria Wrobleski finished the night with a 5:47.65 IM, cracking 5 seconds off her best. Victoria also pumped out a good 25 Fly best in 14.51.

James Stormin Stanco was named the Swimmer of the Session. Victoria Wrobelsky was runner-up.

The Stupendous 7 had a good opening night. ………..stay tuned.

Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure.
– W.J. Slim