Attendance thru 10-25 and Sensational Swims

Attendance thru 10-25

Attached is the attendance through today.

Congratulations on some super practice times and workouts this week.

Haley “birthday girl” Thier swam right on her best 50, 100, and 200 breast on Friday night, narrowly missing a best time.
Victoria “racer” Wrobleski sliced off time from her 50, 100, and 5 seconds from her 200 breast in a super swim (41.98)(130.33)(307.46).
James “stormin” Stanco took on his first 200 breast racing to a strong first swim with all bests )21.78)(48.62)(145.00)(339.72).
Natalie “jump rope extraordinaire” Colarossi raced to her first and best 200 breast in blazing speed (423.93), and then took to the blocks for some even better swimming, catapulting herself to a quick 327.80 in her 200 backstroke.
Emma “the longer distance the better” Boyle conquered her 200 free with a dazzling 7 second drop in her own swim (218.53).
Nico “put it on the line” Lastauskas also sliced off 4 seconds from his previous best 200 backstroke (215.82) continuing the backstroke racing rivalry with Peyton “always there” McNulty.

Nico Lastauskas and James Stanco were named partners of the week pushing eachother in the pool and in the weight room and setting the example to follow in the gym! Keep up the great work!

Also shout out to the gold/platinum groups on some outstanding practice distance times in this mornings distance freestyle set!

Penn State December Meet

Hi Everyone! Attached are our entries for the Penn State Meet December 4-6. Please look over and let us know if you have any questions. Also Please let us know via email ( by Tuesday (10/6) at 8 pm if you will be unable to attend any sessions. If we do not have an email by then, you will be responsible for meet fees for any sessions missed.

Meet warmup and start times are Friday evening (5:30 wu/ 6:30 start), Saturday and Sunday morning (6:30 wu/ 8 am start).



Hi Everyone! We are continuing to work on entries for meets. We have entered everyone in Gold and Platinum for the Emmaus meet November 13-15, and have attached entries. Please let us know if you have any questions.


We will be completing entries for Penn State’s meet December 4-6. We will again be entering all Gold and Platinum swimmers. Please email us to confirm that you will be attending OR to let us know if you will be unable to make any of the sessions ASAP.

Again, for Gold and Platinum swimmers, if we do not receive an email that you will be unable to attend any session, you will be responsible for paying meet fees for that meet.

BDA Saturday morning Smiling Swims

The BDA group of 8 pulled off some strong and breakout swims this morning at practice and turned a dreary morning into a bright shiny practice through great support, encouragement, and teamwork as well as some super positive statements. Here are some of the bests of the set:

Audrey “That was easy” Campo pulled off 59.35 and 59.74 at the end of the set making it look easy and opening the door for some even better stuff to come.

Peyton “stroke and kick count” McNulty dropped down to 101.77 and 100.49 and held her stroke count and kick count throughout the practice and revved up her engines for some speedy racing as the set went on.

Cat “quite the kicker” Donlon revved up her kick in her stroke count and descended her times down to two 56’s (56.65 and 56.92) by the end of the set with some super swimming.

Haley “turning excuses into opportunities” Thier turned her set into a flourishing finish with a little help from Cat, showing herself she could go a 103.41 holding stroke count on the final effort.

James “Unstoppable” Stanco made himself an unstoppable super hero for the swim practice, pushing a little more even when it got difficult and racing teammate Abby with a blazing 109.92 finish.

Abby “just keeps swimming betterand improving every day” Bowen pushed James and herself on the second half of the set dropping from a 119 to a 114 and then finished with a fantastic 110.33 going stroke count.

Victoria “quiet but tenacious racer with some hard working underwaters” Wrobleski showed her breakout stuff on the last effort dropping from a 123.95 best to a spectacular 117.01 at the finish!

Natalie “up and comer to watch out for and gatorade searcher” Colarossi finally found her gatorade after the set but went after her first 100 IM with a dazzline 204.46 and finished her set off with some blazing 50s (with her best of 51 seconds!).