The Art of Swim Parenting

The Art of Swim Parenting
Being a swim parent is not easy. If it were, we would likely have 2 million registered USA Swimming members, rather than half a million. Swim parents have to be unselfish, dedicated, loving, committed and invested to help their children succeed in the sport. In this day and age, how many parents will sit on a hot bleacher or in a chlorine filled natatorium or behind a starting block, timing all weekend, for the pleasure of watching their child swim for a few minutes? Or how many children today would rather be sitting around for the same duration in the same environment waiting to race when they could be in their air-conditioned home in front of their large screen television playing Minecraft or Game of War?

Those are some of the challenges that face the sport of swimming, as well as every other sport in America. What about you as a swim parent? What challenges do you face in order to see your child truly enjoy swimming and derive the most benefit from the sport?
It is more important to have fun than it is to win Olympic gold medals. Of course, I always make sure that when I tell the swimmer this, the parents are standing right behind them. The truth is, the message is more directed to the parents than it is to the swimmer.

Too often, parents are overzealous in their desire to help their child succeed. While they only want the very best for their child, their words of advice, criticism or even encouragement can backfire on them. To a child, these words, no matter how well intended, are often construed as feeling pressure to succeed. A swimming career should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint. If a swimmer feels pressure coming from the parents or coach for too long a period of time, he or she will often rebel and quit the sport. If not, then swimming ceases to be fun. Either way, the child loses out.
My mother’s philosophy of swim parenting —‘have fun’ and always ‘I love you’ after each race. . Swimming teaches many valuable life lessons.

My advice to all swim parents is to do the same. When you feel the urge to critique your child for an obvious mistake, bite your lip and keep your mouth shut. Let the coach coach. Your role is supportive, emotionally and financially. If you truly want your children to enjoy swimming and you want to help them succeed, and if you want your children to swim for life, not just as children (what other sport has an age group for over 100 years of age?), then simply remember two important sentences, ‘have fun’ and ‘I love you’. Get them to swim practices and the meets.

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BDA-Penm State Sunday AM session.

BDA-Penm State Sunday AM session.
The swim of the session came from Nico Lastauskas in the 100 Fly. Nico went out in a strong 31.74 and came back in a 35.38 for a Personal Best of 1:07.12 for over a second time drop.
James Stormin Stanco came back for day and even though the storm subsided, Stormin Stanco kept up his assault on his best times. Stanco went a best 200 Free of 2:51.66. James cut of 18 seconds from his previous best time. He just missed his best 100 Free by .01. Cat Donlon had a strong unsuited and Unshaved 200 Free with a 2:17.82.
Haley Thier swam a double best in her 100 Breaststroke chopping off 1.5 from her best yesterday’s swim and 5.5 off her 100. Thier went a 42.38 and 1:30.92. It was the swim of the session.
James Stanco swam his first 100 Breaststroke hitting a double best of 55.38, 2:00.82. Stanco beat his best 50 by 10 seconds.
Nico Lastauskas just missed his PR in the 100 Breaststroke clocking in at 1:15.99. He then came back to swim the 50 also just off his best by a few tenths.
James Stanco clocked a 33.66 Personal Best in his 50 Free and claimed the swimmer of the session award for the Sunday morning swims. Nico Lastauskas was names swimmer of the Meet.

Pm 12 & under session

Brenna Dahlgren swam pretty close to all her bests. In the 200 Free Dahlgren took off over 7.5 seconds to post a spirited race with a time of 2:49.52 Personal Best time. The little arms and feet never stopped churning in one of her best swims of the session. The 200 earned her swim of the session.

Alyssa Kelly had her best race in her 100 breaststroke cutting off almost 4 seconds to post a 2:06.20 for her best swim of the session. Brenna also grabbed honors of swimmer of her session

Aviah Dahlgren grabbed a double best in her 100 Breaststroke taking of time from the bests she posted the day before in her 50 (46.18), and 100 (1:36.12). Both were time drops of .5 sec and 3 seconds respectively. Aviah swam a really strong 200 Free just off her best by a few tenths of a second.

50 backstroke
Brenna 50.99

100 Breast
Alyssa 59.47, 2:06.20
Brenna 56.98, 1:56.47
AV 46.18, 1:36.12

200 Free
BR 52.14, 151.10, 251.62, 3:49.52
Al 43.25, 1:34.08, 224.59, 3:15.
Av 33.51, 111.35, 152.61, 231.65

50 fly
B 55.89
Al 49.04

200 BK
Av 41.28, 1:27.60, 2:15.03, 3:01.27

100 Fr
Al 43.91, 1:33.33
Av 33.69, 111.56

200 IM
Al 50.26, 1:47.92,2:53.05, 347.94
Br 101.74, 2:01.01, 301.81, 357.69
Av 42.08, 132.08, 226.71, 308.37

Good job all of BDA on your dealing with adverse conditions this weekend. It definitely will make you all stronger in the end.

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Practice Schedule Week of 6/29

Practice ScheduleWeek of 6-29

Hi Everyone! The practice schedule for this week is posted above. We will be doing our annual 4th of July scavenger hunt and picnic at Nay Aug park on Saturday.

Please email to let us know how many from your family are attending and if there’s something can bring for the picnic. Some items we have had in the past:

hamburgers/hot dogs and buns
Paper plates/ napkins/ silverware
waters/ gatorade
anything other good picnic foods


BDA-Penn State 12 & under session

BDA-Penn State 12 & under session

The BDA 3 of Aviah Dahlgren, Alyssa Kelly, and Brenna Dahlgren made the most of the cold rainy day together. Alyssa Kelly probably came closest to establishing new LTB’s in the session and was named Swimmer of the Session. Aviah Dahlgren swam a triple best in her 200 Breaststroke with a 50(58.48), 100(134.54), 200(326.01). Her swim was swim of the session.

50 Breaststroke
Al 59.30
B 55.15
100 back
B50.43, 147.71
Al51.45 149.92
Av38.09 121.25
100 fly
Al 53.19, 156.53
Av 41.66, 1:44.83
200 Breaststroke
Av 46.48, 139.54, 320.01
50 Free
Al 39.10
B 47.45

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BDA-PEnn State Saturday Highlights

Although the weather at Penn State turned rainy and cold, the BDA crew of Nico Lastauskas, Cat Donlon, Peyton McMulty, Emma Boyle, Haley Thier, and James Stormin Stanco held tough. Conditions may not have been perfect, but tough people still can shine. Nico Lastauskas probably held closest to his best times in his 3 events coming within 2-3 seconds in the longer 200 Fly and 200 IM. He was swimmer of the session. Haley Thier was probably the next who was close to her bests. James Stormin Stanco came thru the bad weather and mustered up the only LTB’s of the session with a Double Best in his 100 Backstroke where he dropped 4 seconds in his 50 (44.59) and 9 seconds in his 100 (1:34.84). Stormin Stanco’s swim was named swim of the session.

Penn State Nittany Lion Swim Fest Highs

Penn State Nittany Lion Swim Fest Highs

Emma Boyle ran down a double best in her 200 Back going a 41.67 best 50 by a few tenths and a 3:03.00, cutting off .89. Boyle proceeded to grab a best in her 100 Free with a 1:12.93, chopping off a little less than 1.5 seconds. Emma bested her Bucknell swim in the 200 Breaststroke by 6 seconds but was short of her LTB by over 11.5 seconds. Boyle concluded the day with 3 LTB’s.

Haley Thier went a best 100 Free of 1:08.84, which was close to 2 seconds under her LTB she recently set at Bucknell. Thier came back and swam a strong first half of her 200 Breaststroke to put up a double best in her 50 (43.90) (-1.3 under), and 100 (1:35.57) -3 seconds under previous best). Haley Thier’s faded to just finish 1.5 seconds off her Bucknell big drop swim. Haley ended the day with 3 Personal Best times.

Peyton Salty McNulty was off her game by 8 seconds but managed to finish 2nd in her 200 Backstroke in the 13-14 Age bracket.

Cat Donlon swam to a best 200 Backstroke with a 2:55.35, which was a 19 second time drop. Donlon had a solid 100 Free but was just off her best 100 Free.

Nick Lastauskas went under his best 200 Backstroke with a 2:34.86, cutting off .7 from his old. Nico Lastauskas finally cracked the 2:40 mark in the 200 Breaststroke. Lastauskas swam a very well split race, to go a 2:38.18 Personal Best, in an event he won Junior Olympics in at in the same pool a few years back. Nico’s time put him in a solid 2nd place on the BDA All Time Top 10 list behind Jason O’Koren. Nico’s performance grabbed him the swim of the session honors. Nico finished with 2 LTB’s.

Nico was named swimmer of the session slightly ahead of Haley Thier and Emma Boyle.

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