2015 Kickball lost shoes

James “Jam in ‘ Stanco hit some long high balls with his size 24 shoes. Unfortunately most were caught. But James ‘Jam in’ Stanco left his shoes on the field while he made some outstanding air James catches as an outfielder. He would have been voted best fielder except for the fact that he consistently dropped all of the hit balls Haley Thier sent his way. James’ 24” shoes were left on the field with the found odd shaped football. Anyone who finds them next year will get a nice reward.

Practice Schedule week of 6/1 and Meet updates

Hi Everyone! Below is the schedule for this week and Bucknell and Penn State entries updated.

For Bucknell, we had to take out anyone in the longer events that had no time. Please look at the events and let us know if you have any questions.

For Penn State, they emailed us this week and let us know they had to cut some of our swimmers out of some events due to time constraints. They also had to take all of our swimmers out of the longer events for this meet. For those that are not swimming their full amounts of events, we are hoping to deck enter and fill in other spots while we are there.

It’s looking like we will not be able to get into the Connecticut meet in July, as they had to take the Connecticut teams first. But we have communication out to Connecticut and F&M to see if there’s any way we could get into some of their events. We are also continuing to look into any other possible meets for early July. We will keep you posted.

Practice ScheduleWeek of 6-1



Kickball 2015 Memorial Day

Kickball 2015 Memorial Day

The BDA kickball game party was crashed by the NOW, the present, and the past. The teams played a ferocious match. With the Blue beating the White by a few earned runs in a come from behind victory. Below are the players and their stories.
Blue Team:
Hope ‘I’m on Alyssa’s Team’ Blasco was the Blue teams short stop. Everytime she went to catch a ball she stopped short of catching it. Her claim to game was she was Alyssa kick’em deep Kelly’s friend.
Alyssa Kick’em Deep Kelly was the teams loudest voice. She was the field generals voice. She ran the team for Nico when he was running all over the place.
Ben “Boomer Elephant’ Evans was a late comer but a big elephant boomer as he exploded for the teams 5 grandslams. Legs of an ostrich but hit the ball with the force of an elephant.
Natalie ‘ Nimble Foot” Colarossi was the team’s horse rider. She galloped around the field like she was in control of all the kings horses and all the kings men. We believe she scored the only run off her brothers pitching.
Brenna ‘Bumble Bee’ Dahlgren was the only one who could kick the ball running backwards and get safely on base. Unfortunately she was the girl left on base the most. She gets the backward kick award.
Peyton “Picky ” McNulty definitely was made to swim. She took the most pitches and threw the ball back to the pitcher a record number of times. We aren’t sure if she ever kicked the ball but she definitely knew how to be choosy as to what pitch she liked. Don’t think she ever saw one she liked though. She got the choosy mothers award.
Avery “All over the Field” McNulty got the outfielders choice award. She danced and flipped in the outfield the most and by choice she looked like she was the outfield as she played every position.
Katie Voitik fame came from her mothers 1972 kickball championship Demise Voitik she won at John Adams #3 elementary school. Katie now a senior finally lived up to the legend of her mothers fame and filled her mothers shoes by running wild and kicking the ball outside the park. Oh did we mention the outside the park behind the catcher?
Nico ‘leave it to me ” Lastauskas was Mr. Blue Team himself. He played every position and was MVP on the field. He pounded at least 10
Little kids with 90 mile an hour fast balls sometimes making triple plays on some of the 6 year olds. Would have had player of the game but had to settle for the MVP.
Bailey ‘be the coach’ Babarsky was everybody’s manager helping the 92 year old lady to first base that Nico tagged out before she left home base. Bailey was the team leader in helping others and awarded coaches award for both teams.
Regan ” Kickball” Kearney played the game like no other. She was the only one to give it back to the MVP of the game. She may have been the best kept secret on her team. She had everyone taking water breaks every 2 minutes. She was like the team grand mother but only in her prime of 7 years old. She was voted smile of the game. White team:
Aiden “I am Great ” Kearney loved the art of running to first base. He tried it holding hands, he tried it walking, he was convinced that the game was more fun just running to first base. Of course once he got bored doing that he tried a few of the other bases. He sang the games national anthem and that was his claim to fame.
Haley “hard head” Thier had 4 hits at least that is what she told everyone 44 times. She was never left in base in kind to her teammates who batted her in. Her claim to fame was that she couldn’t walk for a week after the game. She was also manhunter extreme.
Emma “one direction” Boyle showed her softball skills when she was trying to throw the runner out at home. Her toss made this months worlds funniest sports videos. Although she aimed for home plate, the ball went left and took another left. It did go one direction just the wrong direction. She claimed the softball is bigger and easier to hold opposed to the larger kickball. Yes she got the confusion award for the game.
Trevon “2 feet” Dahlgren finally took his swag soccer skills and showed off his kicking feet once he got off the cooler. He came in as a late inning replacement for Mr. Polishan who was subbing in and out of the game as an undercover kickball agent.
Angela “Show me the money” Stahl visiting for Rhode Island played another big part in this years team game. She was the games 3rd base woman doing studies on the statics of the game and how it relates to cats in the wilderness. Not sure we understood what she was talking about but she is in line to be her schools valedictorian.
Tori Takin it to the fence” McNulty said watch this as she showed how strong her soccer kick that came from her year of swim training. She was a force on the field and in the kicking rotation. She hit more ground rule home runs than anyone else in the game. Most were ruled doubles in the end otherwise she would have led all in RKI’s.
Hunter Polishan was Mr. athlete again as he showed his stuff as he was named ‘Hunter of the game’. He grabbed more fly balls and kicked in more singles than can actually be truthfully told.
Nicolas ” never stop playing’ Colarossi may have been one of the best field generals out in the game. He was everywhere and did everything to help his team win. If his shorts weren’t longer than his legs he may have been voted ‘ Flash’ of the game. He was quicker than quicker and probably this years player of the game. He was voted Mr Kickball.
Matt “makin it happen ” Lastauskas dueled with his brother for the who’s who in the Lastauskas family. Matt showed he can play football as he tackled a few bases and balls during his game heroics. Although he came up short on the winning team side, he played a strong game for his team.
Aviah “do I have to run DMC” Dahlgren kicked a few line drives that would have been hits of the 3rd dimension but forgot to run the bases. She did get 3 hits. One by a bee, one by a mosquito, and one by a tree branch that dropped on her head. No worries we had at least one medical doctor in the char section.
All in all the the Memorial Day kickball was a fun time for all. Next year we will invite the outside visiting team to play against us. Rumors had it they were looking for game but feared the BDA greats. Maybe next year it will happen.
Thanks to all of you who came and helped and played the annual KBall game and carried the tradition onward.

See you at the Top!

Blue White Meet Highlights

Blue/White Meet Results
Blue-White Highlights

BDA swimmers got up for some exciting swims on Friday night, showing some strong performances and enthusiasm, turning our practice venue into a racing scene.
Blue: Blue team stole the show, winning the meet 73-45. Nico Lastauskas, Audrey Campo, Bailey Babarsky, James Stanco, and Alyssa Kelly all scored 10 points or above showing a strong team effort.
Nico Lastauskas swam close to his best ever times in several events going a strong 29.58 50 breast, a 203.59 200 IM, 24.03 50 free and 59.79 100 IM. He also saved his best time for the last event racing to a 59.29 100 back, cracking the 1:00 barrier for the first time in the event.

Audrey Campo was the high scorer of the meet with 22 points, and SWIMMER OF THE MEET honors. Audrey started out with a 28.55 50 fly, continued with a 6 second drop in her 200 IM (217.71). She then went onto a 57.76 best 100 free, and then snatched a huge drop in her 200 IM (229.06), going out in her best 100 breast (111.49). Audrey was close to her best 50 free relay split (25.90). She dropped 7 seconds in her 100 IM (105.25). She dropped 6 seconds from her best 200 free (211.38), and finished with another best 100 breast (110.77). Audrey’s been showing some shining work and breakthrough workouts in practice and showed off some of her great work in this meet.

Bailey Babarsky also pulled off some strong swims close to and surpassing her bests with a smile. Bailey started out her day strong with a 30.69 50 back. She then went onto a nice drop and outstanding swim in her 200 IM (220.61). Bailey picked up with a strong 57.93 BDA best 100 free, and continued with a new best 227.45 200 backstroke. Bailey dropped 3 seconds from her BDA best 100 IM (106.41), and swam close to a best 200 free (205.46), cracking her BDA best. Bailey finished with a strong 113.66 100 breaststroke.

Haley Thier got up for her team and swam each race, getting her swimming foot back to work and kicking some water and showed up and encouraged her teammates.

James Stanco had a breakout swimming day, conquering each swim he did, and getting back up time and time again for a great 8 swims. James started out his day with a 9 second drop in his 50 fly, powering his way to a beautiful swim (34.74). He then knocked off 28 seconds from his best 200 IM dazzling his way to a super 314.22. He tackled his 100 free, 200 back, and 50 free with determination. He then cruised to a best 100 IM (130.99). He finished off with a strong 200 free and 100 back. James set goals and went after them, and showed he could do some great stuff.

Alyssa Kelly swam some outstanding consistent performances; going just tenths off her best 50 fly (42.11) and 200 IM (311.83). She was within a second of her 100 free (118), and tackled her 200 breast with a one minute drop and sensational swim (353.81). Alyssa was again within 1 second of her 50 free (35.95) and 100 IM (132.64), and finished with about a second drop in her 200 free (255.06). Alyssa finished out her night with a 4 second drop in her fantastic 100 fly (133.59). Alyssa was within a second, or better than her best in all of her swims, showing some great consistency and focus through 8 swims.

White: White team was down one of their key swimmers, but continued to show some strong performances. Brenna Dahlgren, Peyton McNulty, and Katie Voitik were their high scorers with 10 or more points each.

Katie Voitik catapulted close to her best 50 fly (27.91). She then went onto an almost 2 second drop in her 200 IM with an amazing swim for herself and her team (214.00). She swam a strong 100 free (55.83). Katie then snatched a 5 second drop in a brilliant 200 backstroke (218.34). Katie swam a strong 50 free and 100 IM, close to her bests.

Peyton McNulty started out her day just 0.05 off her best 50 back (30.48). She then swiped a superb 4 seconds off her 200 IM with a fantastic IMing swim (222.82). Peyton also cruised to her own best 100 IM, dropping 5 more seconds and showing her IM speed for the day (108.97).

Emma Boyle swam to her BDA best 50 fly (30.54) with a speedy racing swim. She also swam her BDA best 50 free (29.39).

Aviah Dahlgren bolted out to her own best 50 fly (31.62), and knocked off over 5 seconds from her best ever 200 breaststroke (309.83).

Brenna Dahlgren flew off 3 seconds from her best 50 fly (48.43). She then IMed her way to an almost 5 second drop in her beautiful 200 IM (325.71). She continued her way off best times with a 35 second drop in a superb 200 breast (339.42). Brenna finished off her day swimming close to her best 100 back (134.86).

Natalie Colarossi took on her first BDA meet with smiles and excitement. Natalie went a 203.43 in her first event 100 free. She then achieved a goal of 214.58 in her 100 back. She dazzled her way to a 54.67 50 free. Natalie then took on her first BDA 100 IM with a 233.87. She continued with her first finless 200 free racing to a 449.96, and finished her day off with a 5 second drop in her 100 back (208.88).

Balcony shut down

The balcony of the Byron Swim Complex will be shut down from Friday morning thru the weekend and will reopen for Monday morning. Please keep all activities with students and all swimmers and parents from walking or using even for observation for the sake of this weekend only. Normal use will resume after the University graduation concludes this weekend. Please keep swimmers and parents off the deck and walking thru on the deck as well. Thank you!

Practice Schedule Week of Memorial Day

Hi Everyone! Below is the schedule for this week coming up.

*Note Tomorrow (Sun 5/24) there will be weights 6-7:30 am and practice as scheduled.
*Next week weights will be Tues, Thurs, Sat
*Monday will be kickball at 9 am at Nay Aug Park near the pavillion up past the pool. Let us know if you have any questions
* Next weekend the pool is closed due to graduation, so there will be no swim practices.

Practice ScheduleWeek of 5-25