Sunday Night Silvers Finale

Aviah Dahlgren finished off her busy weekend with a first place finish in her 100 back. Aviah went out in a 15.38 new best 25, re-breaking her 11-12 year old record in the 25, then bested her 50 from the morning (32.44). She finished just off her time for the morning but swam another outstanding race.

Aviah then swam another final in her 100 IM where she held onto her 15th place seed, going up just a little bit from her morning swim.

Aviah had an outstanding break out meet with bests in each event, 4 finals swims, and 4 top 8 swims, along with 2 more top 16 swims. She also earned 3 more JO cuts for herself and earned SWIMMER OF THE MEET, for an outstanding weekend.

BDA Senior Champs Day 4 Finals

BDA Senior Champs Day 4 Finals

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Cat Donlon shined a little light on the fire and made it burn as she went off and in her 200 IM with an almost 3 second slashing from her morning swim. Donlon hit a 2:13.69 LTB and moved up from 24 to 19. She came back in a strong 14.28 last 25.
Donlon split a 28.43, 34.57,40.12,30.57 in her first individual Senior Champs swim.

The girls 400 Free Relay finished up the night with all the steam it could muster going a 4:20.75. Although the weekend was filled with long days and nights with short breaks, it produced some good swims.
The foursome of Peyton McNulty, Cat Donlon, Haley Thier, and Anchor Katie Voitik held it together on their last swim of the night. Haley Thier split a 1:08.63 LTB on her leg to finish the weekend with all Bests making her experience 100% The Best.

11 Blue Dolphin Aqu-4:20.75 12 1) McNulty, Peyton 14 2) Donlon, Catherine 15 3) Thier, Haley A 13 4) Voitik, Kathryn 18 31.05 1:02.81 (1:02.81) 1:37.48 (34.67) 2:16.06 (1:13.25) 2:46.35 (30.29) 3:24.69 (1:08.63) 3:50.93 (26.24) 4:20.75 (56.06) 

Cat Donlon was swimmer of the session with her 200 IM the swim of the session.

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See you at the Top!

sunday at silvers

Aviah Dahlgren started off Sunday right where she left of. She raced herself to a triple best in her 100 back (15.62 11-12 25 backbda record from Mia Nonnenberg), (32.78 best 50) and 107.79 jo cut in her 100. Aviah placed herself as the top seed for finals, also within 0.5 second of the meet record in another outstanding SWIM OF THE SESSION!
Aviah then got up and catapulted herself to another best 50 fly, beating her time in the im from yesterday (32.39).
Aviah finished her morning session with a new best 100 im (111.73) giving herself another finals swim.

Sunday 10 and unders
Brenna the Banana Dahlgren swam some nice stretched out breaststroke where she finished with a double best (47.53) and big 3.5 second drop in her 100 (140.26).

Alyssa Kelly took home some spectacular swims on her final day. She dropped 2 seconds in her 50 back (41.60), then went on to drop over another second in a dazzling 100 fly (137.03). Alyssa finished off the 10 and under session in style with another 2 s3cond drop in her 100 im (131.42). Alyssa and Brenna did a nice job getting yp for their swims and putting in some strong swimming at their first qualifying and championship meet. Alyssa Kelly earned swimmer of the sessipn, with her super 100 im earning SWIM OF THE SESSION!

BDA Senior Champs Distance session

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Katie Voitik swam a strong 1000 going out in a 5:17.11 to finish with a 10:42.26 in a nicely swam race.

Nico Lastauskas broke his own Mile record with a time of 16:49.23. He went under his old record by 11 seconds as he cracked the 17 minute mark. He went out in a 4:59.66 came back in his last 500 yards in 5:05.55. Nico ended his swim with a last 100 of 58.15. His final 50 was a 27.68, with his final 25 being a 12.78 massive strong finish. Lastauskas finished off his night with all best times and one second best time ever to complete his weekend of triumphs over self.
Lastauskas was our swimmer of the session and swimmer of the overall meet amongst his team.

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BDA Senior Champs Day 4 Prelims

BDA Senior Champs Day 4 Prelims

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Peyton McNulty cut almost a second off her previous best to go a 2:14.95 in her 200 Backstroke.

Nico Lastauskas went a LTB in his 100 Free nailing a 50.51. He also went out in BDA bests of 11.41 and 24.48. His swim was swim of the session.

Cat Donlon hit a BDA best in her 200 IM to post a 2:16.34 and gets another swim in the Finals tonight.

Nico Lastauskas went a BDA best in his 200 IM with a 2:03.25, just off the BDA record of Greg Germain by a second.

Time Trials Highlights

Peyton McNulty went another 1:01.76 in her 100 Backstroke just off her swim from the other day.

Haley Thier showed her time trial special powers with a triple best swim in her 100 Backstroke of 15.91, 33.05, 1:07.64.

Cat Donlon stole the show in her 200 Fly time Trial. Donlon dropped over 9 seconds and made the senior cut with a new best of 2:18.93.

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Saturday Silvers Part 2

Saturday silver highlights part 2

Aviah got up again for her final event of the morning and showed off some more super swimming. Aviah went out in a 32.89 fly for her best 50 fly. She followed that up with a 6 second clobbering of her 200 im (235.35). She placed herself in another final with the 14th seed for tonight. Aviahs 200 free JO cut was SWIM OF THE SESSION and Aviah earned SWIMMER OF THE SESSION for her efforts.

Mid session

BDA 10 & under silver stars Alyssa Kelly and Brenna Dahlgren smiled and raced their way through this session of their first qualifying meet. Alyssa raced the 100 free, 50 fly, and 200 im while Brenna took on the 100 back. The 10& under duo finished just off their best but smiled through the shallow pool session.

Aviah got up again for finals and blasted an even better race than the morning, starting out smooth and finishing with a second drop from her morning swim, bettering her JO cut swim (211.29). This swim was named SWIM OF THE SESSION!

Aviah went from the first event to the last event but didn’t let her spirit down as she tackled another best in her 200 IM dropping another second and just getting better each time out (234.62). Aviah earned SWIMMER OF THE SESSION again for her outstanding time drops at night.

BDA Senior Championships Finals

BDA Senior Championships Finals
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Haley Thier led off the BDA 400 Free Relay in a 59.14 best by over 2 seconds keeping her LTB streak perfect for the relays. A great way to crack the 60 second barrier is always on a relay. Her swim was swim of the session along with swimmer of the session. Cat Donlon kept the team going with a 54.43 split for a best BDA swim. Peyton McNulty kept the team going with a LTB of her own of 58.60 split. A personal best by .33 tenths. Katie Voitik kept her raging anchor leg alive with an almost BDA best of 54.30 to finish 23rd overall. The BDA team put up a 3:46.47 time, cutting 4 seconds of their seed time. It was a good team relay swim for the BDA foursome. 
23 Blue Dolphin Aqu-MA 'A' 3:51.32 3:46.47 1) Thier, Haley A 13 2) Donlon, Catherine 15 3) McNulty, Peyton 14 4) Voitik, Kathryn 18 28.18 59.14 (59.14) 1:24.85 (25.71) 1:53.57 (54.43) 2:21.42 (27.85) 2:52.17 (58.60)  3:18.07 (25.90) 3:46.47 (54.30)
Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic.

– Jean Sibelius


Day 3 Prelims Senior Championships Highlights

Day 3 Prelims Senior Championships Highlights

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– Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Nico Lastauskas kept up his assault on his best times and record setting swims. In the 200 Butterfly Lastauskas chopped off 2 seconds from his best where he dropped to a 2:06.20. He grabbed BDA bests in his 25 and 50 going out with a 12.33, 28.01.
Lastauskas then came back for another best in his 200 Breaststroke tearing off over 2 seconds while clocking in at a 2:16.82 just missing Jason O’Koren’s 2000 record of 2:15.96.

Nico Lastauskas raced to a BDA Team and 15-18 Age Group record in the 500 Free where he finished strong in a final time of 4:53.43. Nico was off his best and Prep Record of. 4:50.28. Cat Donlon hit a BDA best in the 50 Free with a 25.46. Kyle Bushta grabbed himself a BDA best 50 of 23.38 and 25 of 11.32. Katie Voitik snagged a BDA triple best going out in her 100 of her 200 Breaststroke with a 1:13.44 and a best 25 of 15.43 and best 50 of 33.91. Cat Donlon threw down a come from behind swim in her 200 Breaststroke where she came barreling back in her 2nd half to post a best by a couple seconds with a 2:35.47 Salty Peyton McNulty had the swim of the session with her Triple Best 100 Back. Peyton went out in a 14.84, cracking 15 for the first time, hit a 30.43 best 50, and ran down her last lap tying her best 25 of 14.84. Her final time was over 2 seconds faster than her old as she nailed a 1:01.14. Nico Lastauskas was swimmer of the session for his iron man swims. 
qwdspacer.gif Attitude determines altitude.

– Anonymous

 Time Trial Highlights Haley Thier led off with a Personal Best in the 50 Free. She came within .25 seconds of the Senior Cut. If not for getting stuck off the start, it looks likely she could get the cut. Haley dropped under 27 seconds for the first time with a new LTB of 26.64. Cat Donlon went a BDA best in her 100 Fly getting down to 1:01.42. She also made another BDA Best in her 50 going out in 28.65. Kyle Bushta went deeps sea fishing in his 100 Back on his first 25 and finished off his best time. Peyton McNulty raced close to her best 100 Free just if by .07 ducking under 1:00 in a 59.70. McNulty went a best 25 of 13.45.

qwdspacer.gif The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune.

– Plutarch

The BDA girls will come back for a 400 Free Relay Final tonight.


Saturday morning Prelims

Aviah Dahlgren hopped up for the first event of the day in the 200 free where she went out blazing and finished with over a second drop from yesterday and another jo cut of 212.32. Shes coming back for finals where shes the 6th seed tonight!

In her 100 breast, Aviah went out with a 4 second best 25 (17.69), 7 second best 50 (39.64) and 9 second drop in her 100 (124.26) in another beautiful swim and great drop!

Stay tuned for her 200 im after a bit of a break.