Nonnenberg wins Georgia Final

The 400 IM was the big event of the day for NCAA invite-seekers. After four different swimmers moved near or into NCAA-qualifying range in prelims this morning, two came back to actually swim even faster at night.

Alabama’s Mia Nonnenberg dropped another 1.8 seconds from her season-best at night, going 4:09.03. That’ll move her from 28th in the NCAA to 20th, and she’ll leapfrog Georgia’s Nicole Vernon, who won this event at prelims in likely punching her own ticket to NCAAs.

Also improving was Louisville’s Abby Chin, who dropped from 4:11.58 in the morning to 4:11.32 at night. She was roughly 35th (including Vernon and Nonnenberg’s new times), but will now slide up just a couple spots to 33rd.

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Sunday Afternoon Splashes

Sunday Afternoon Splashes

Taormina Moore started BDA off with a nice almost a second drop in her 50 free (53.04). She went on to jump out to a great start and knocked off another second in her beautiful 50 breast. Then came her 200 free where she clobbered her previous best by 13 seconds finishing with a smile and a 427.24.

Brenna Dahlgren blasted herself to a 25 best going out in her 100 back (20.56). She finished her day on top with a best 25 fly (21.87) and 6 second drop in her invigorating 100 IM (139.48).

Aviah Dahlgren picked up where she left off with a triple best in her 100 back and a 3 second drop from the previous day (16.28)(33.30)(109.36). This was another outstanding swim for Aviah as she continued her shining weekend. Aviah then started out with some beautiful fly and swam past her best 50 (33.65). She finished by slicing off 5 seconds from her best 100 the day before with another strong performance (121.67). Aviah finished out her spectacular meet with a best 25 fly (14.10) and gigantic 7 second drop in her 100 IM. Aviahs 100 back earned SWIM OF THE SESSION, and Aviah again took home SWIMMER OF THE SESSION. Congrats to Aviah on her fantastic session!

SWIMMER OF THE MEET honors also go to AVIAH DAHLGREN on her fantastic weekend of outstanding best times and JO cuts. Aviah made some great strides through the weekend and had some breakthrough and JO Cut swims. Way to go ! Anna Bushta was a close runner up with her weekend of sensational lifetime best swims! Congrats to BDA on a great weekend!

Penn State Distance Session

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Aviah Dahlgren cut off 11 seconds in her 500 to go a 6:00.00 flat in swim just missing going under the small barrier for a new best.

James Stormin Stanco got up for his first 500 challenge with the words ” I will swim it’ and off he went to throw up a 8:30.18 personal best.

Anna Bushta swam an evenly paced race the whole way in her 500 to pull off a 40 second time drop from the last Penn State meet in what was named swim of the session for its consistency. Anna hit a 6:40.17. Anna grabbed swimmer of the session as well.

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Anna Bushta led off the 100 with over a second drop from her split time in her 200 the day before to flow under the 1:10 barrier with a 1:09.09 with her effortless looking stroke.

Haley Thier grabbed a best of 1:01.06 to keep the bests rolling in the free event for a 3/4 of a second drop.

Peyton McNulty sliced a couple tenths off her old best 100 to hit a 59.63.

James Stormin Stanco rose to the occasion on the second day as his confidence grew from day ones battles. James dropped a few seconds to hit a 1:17.20 BEST.


Anna Bushta continued her assault on her own record book with a triple best in her 100 Breaststroke with a 20.33, 45.04, 137.07 for a 2 second drop in time.


Peyton McNulty crept under the 2:16 mark with a 2:15.89 LTB in her Backstroke for over a second plus time drop again going lower under the Senior Cut. It was the swim of the session.

James Stormin Stanco got himself up for the 200 Backstroke hitting a 3:25.70 LTB. James thundered to a 22 second time drop.


Anna Bushta hit another triple best crashing thru the gates with a 19.01, 43.61, 1:40.54, for a 7 second time drop.

James Stormin Stanco crashed thru a gate of his, the one in his mind when he took on the 100 Fly for the first time. Stormin Stanco went at it head first and came up with a victory over oneself and over the conquered Fly with a 1:56.25. This was the breakthrough swim of the session.

200 IM

Anna Bushta once again raced to a best in her 200 IM chopping off almost 13 seconds. Anna hit a 3:02.39 for a perfect weekend of bests.

James Stormin Stanco had one more lighting bolt up his sleeve when he easily struck his old time down by over 14 seconds to hit a 3:42.50 personal best.

Swimmer of the this session goes to Anna Bushta and James Stanco.

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Sunday 8 and Under Blasts

Alyssa Kelly continued having a blast at her final 8 and under meet. She came out of her 500 to take on a fast 50 free where she dropped another 1.6 seconds to beat her previous record (35.02). She also dropped 2 seconds and earned a double best in her improved 50 breast (23.05)((50.82). In this swim, Alyssa bettered Kaeley Pryors 7-8 yr old 25 breast record and Brenna Dahlgrens 50 breast record! Then came her final event of the weekend, the 100 im. Alyssa dropped another second and a half showing her super spirit and racing to finish with a bang 133.26, breaking her own 7-8 year old record. Alyssas 50 breast was her swim of the session and Alyssa put up some more great times to earn SWIMMER OF THE SESSION! Shes done a great job coming off lots of bests her last two meets and keeping the great times and good work rolling! Congrats!!

Snowy Saturday PM swims

Aviah Dahlgren lit up her first swim of the day with an astonishing quadruple best in her 200 back. Aviah swam a smooth race with some great technique and finished super strong with a 36.99 final split. Her splits were all bests 26.55, 34.74, 112.90, 229.77. Aviah earned her first 11-12 JO cut in the race and knocked off 22 seconds from her previous best, and her swim was the SWIM OF THE SESSION. Aviah kept her momentum rolling in her 100 free where she popped off another triple best and earned herself another JO cut, just missing breaking a minute but showing some more great stuff inside her (13.20)(28.61)(100.22). She then tackled the 200 fly where she earned another 2 second drop (328.13). Aviahs final event of the day was her 200 IM. She went out in her best 25 fly (14.47), swam some strong freestyle to come home in a 35.19 and ended her day with another 9 second drop in her 200 IM! Congrats to Aviah who earned SWIMMER OF THE SESSION for her outstanding swims!

Brenna Dahlgren powered through her first event of the session with a triple best, and banana 6 second drop in her 100 free (18.84)(40.84)(127.94). Brenna then sprinted to her best 25 back (21.22) going out in her 50. She then kept on smiling through her 100 Breast where she tic tac toed herself with another triple best. Brenna knocked over 2 seconds off her 25 (22.06), 3.5 off her best 50 (48.47), and 5 off her 100 (143.79).

Taormina Moore showed off her long strokes freestyle, blazing to a best 50 free going out in her 100 (53.38). Taormina then showed off some styling breaststroke with a triple best in that race (31.10)(112.52)(236.38). Taormina then showed some improved fly technique, getting her head down and using some dolphin kick to earn her best 25 (28.97).

Thanks to the smiling foursome of Alyssa, Brenna, Aviah, and Taormina for staying and cheering for each-others sessions and showing some great teamwork and support throughout the session!

Penn State Distance Session

Penn State (the Distance Session)

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Aviah Dahlgren peeled off 3 seconds from her best 100 Fly hitting a 1:26.52 going out in her 400 IM. Dahlgren popped off a 6 seconds drop to go under 5:50 in her IM for a best of 447.10.

Anna Bushta parked another big swim in her 400 IM, cutting off 41.18 seconds to post a 6:46.06. Anna also went out in a best 100 Fly of 147.41 which was 13 seconds better than her old time.

Alyssa Kelly and Brenna Dahlgren got some ovations for their efforts in their 400 IM swims. Alyssa swam to a best 100 Fly going out in a 1:38. 32 unofficial, (1:39.60 touchpad ) for a Silver cut and a blazing 6:44 .76 LTB and new BDA 7-8 Age Group record, beating Vanessa Lempicky’s old record of 7:39.60 from 2003. The swim garnered her the Swim and Swimmer of the Session.
Dahlgren finished her first IM with some zest of her own. She trounced and pounced on her 100 Fly with a new best of 202.26, and finishing it up in 7:38.00 final time and an outstanding swim of her own. Our 8 & 9 year olds rocked the house.

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