Penn State morning session highlights and swimmer of the meet!

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– Jackie Joyner-Kersie

Sunday Penn State Morning Highlights

Haley Thier rocketed to a best 100 Free in 1:01.84 cutting almost 2 seconds from her previous best.

Peyton McNulty followed suit with a almost cracking of the 60 seconds in a new time of 1:00.21.

Katie Voitik and Cat Donlon opened up their seasons 100 Freestyles with a 57.94 and 57.06.

Ben Evans stuck a BDA best of 52.94 for his opening 100 Free while Kyle Bushta hit a 55.80.

Peyton Mcnulty and Cat Donlon started their season 100 Breaststrokes with times of 1:24.96 and 1:16.03.

Ben Evans opened with a 1:06.04 BDA best and Kyle hit a 1:13.76 in the Breaststroke event.

The 200 Backstrokes were pretty solid for the BDA swimmers with Haley Thier hitting a 2:39.51. Peyton McNulty just missed her Senior Cut by a mere morselgrabbing a LTB of 2:18.41.
Ben Evans pulled out a LTB in his Backstroke with a 2;15.16 tallying up another solid swim. Katie Voitik smiled thru her 2:23.22 Backstroke swim.

Haley Thier popped off a 2nd LTB with a 2 second drop in her 100 Butterfly posting a best of 1:11.76. The swim rivaled McNutly’s 200 Back for swim of the session.

Kyle Bushta and Katie Voitik raced to times of 1:09.41 and 1:05.12 in the Fly event.

The 200 IM swims of BDA continued to be strong. Haley Thier went a 2:35.83 with Peyton Mcnutly making a 2:31.54. Katie Voitik cracked a 2:19.99 while Cat Donlon pushed for a 2:25.41. Ben Evans swam a 2:10.12 while Kyle Bushta gt a 2:30.90.

Haley Thier was named swimmer of the session.


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Saturday Penn State Morning Highs

Haley Thier posted a best time of 3:01.04 knocking off over a couple seconds from her previous time. Nico Lastauskas ripped out a 2:12.22 in his fly, while Katie Voitik swam a 2:28.17.

The 200 Freestyles were highlighted by Kyle Bushta’s 1:59.63 and Nico Lasatauskas’s 1:53.67. Bushta cracked the 2:00 minute barrier with his best swim of the meet.

The 200 Breaststokes were highlighted by Cat Donlon going a 2:44.14, Ben Evans sticking a 2:27.14, and Kyle Bushta 2:44.91. Nico Lastauskas put up a beauty in his 200 going a 2:21.65 to show his stuff and grab swim of the session.

The 100 Backstrokes saw Haley Thier post a 1:14.91, Katie Voitik swim a 1:08.87, Cat Donlon pickup a 1:10.95, and the Boys of Ben Evans, Kyle Bushta, and Nico Lastauskas race to 1:03.75, 1:09.79 and 1:02.75 respectively.

Nico Latauskas was named swimmer of the session.

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– Winston Churchill


Swimmer of the Meet at Penn State
Alyssa Kelly shined her way thru the Penn State racking up records and then resetting those records in the 7-8 BDA Age Group.
Alyssa not only raced valiently in her 500 Free, but then got better and stronger as the weekend went on and did it the BDA way with a big smile all weekend. She championed each event with the ferocity of a tiger and showed off her hard work and dedication to BDA and setting and chasing after her own goals. Her swims were strong all bests or best splits and we congratulate her on her yellow cap Swimmer of the Meet.