Sensational End of Practice swims

BDAers have had some breakthroughs in practice the last couple of days!  Here are some if today’s highlights:  This morning, Nico Lastauskas crushed his best and his gosling 200 IM with a 156.  He continues to put in solid efforts day in and day out with super times. Tonight, Alyssa Kelly stood out with an outstanding 114.57 in her 100 IM, pulverizing her time and her goal and also leasing the way for some great stuff from others. Brenna Dahlgren also shined with a 120 100 IM, also bumping herself up for some challenges. Jack Walsh also made his set exciting witha 128 IM. And James Stanko continues to push himself with a 152 IM. Next to him, Matt Rossi showed off his IMing skills. Then Aviah Dahlgren stepped up and pushed herself up a notch with a 107 sizzling IM. Anna Bushta also beat her best and goal with a 113.16.

Practice Schedule and Values

Hi Everyone!  Attached is the practice schedule for this week.  Please note that Saturday will be 6-8 for Elite and Gold, 8-9 for bronze, and 8-9:30 for Silver.  Elite will also be starting at 530 AM this week.

Practice Schedule Week of 9-22

Below are the BDA values that the team developed this morning.  We will continue to work on these throughout the season:








Update to Practice Schedule

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to give you a heads up that there was a typo on the silver registration form, where it said Sunday practice is 8-10.  It should be 10-11:30 AM.

As always, the schedule is subject to change, and there may be some weekends where we have all groups swimming together at an earlier time, but they will be able to get a lot more focused attention and resources at the 10-11:30 time slot.  We apologize for any inconvenience!  Thanks!