BDA Apparel

Hi Everyone!  If you are returning or starting new with BDA for the fall, please fill out sizes for the items on the sheet below, and email to Terese Kelly (  There is a spot on there for swimmers sizes, and another spot for anything parents would like to buy.  Please send these back as soon as you can, so that we can get everything out within the first week or 2 of practice.  Thanks so much!


Fall Registration Now Available

Thanks for your emails for the registration! We have uploaded new forms for the 2014-2015 season for all of our groups onto the website. Please pull up the correct form and fill out and send in to us to reserve your spot. Our official start date of the season will be September 15th. Looking forward to seeing you all again, with some new faces joining the BDA family as well. Any questions, please email

BDA Fall Registration

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your break! In planning for the fall, we need everyone to email us back at: by Mon 8/18. Please let us know that you are returning back to BDA.
1. Please tell us how many practices per week you will commit to for the season.
2. Please tell us a time goal you will achieve in at least one event.
3. Please tell us something positive you plan to bring to the BDA Team during the season ahead.
We will then email you a registration form for a particular group. We ask you to return the forms by Aug. 30th to reserve your spot. We will also be advertising and accepting new swimmers into our team. If you have any friends that you think would be interested in joining, please let us know and if they sign up we will give you $25 back. Thanks! We look forward to another Fun Season of growth and learning. See you at the Top!
Parents, we are looking for people to help out with the following.
1. Team Hotels for meets
2. Team Logo clothing for kids and for our parents.
3. Team Advertising
4. Team Events (Fun ones like Roba’s and more )
If interested, please contact us via

Sunday “Swimming in the Rain” at Silvers

Sunday Showers at Silvers

BDAers raced through some rain showers on and off throughout the session, with some of the swims lighting up the skies.  The 7 swimmers did an outstanding job cheering for eachother and supporting each other throughout the weekend, with honorary team member Grace stepping up to show her enthusiasm and support for the group.

Brenna “Jumping Jack” Dahlgren started out the day with a dazzling 5 second drop in her 200 free (352.01).  She continued to do JJ’s and started a trend of others in her lane throughout the morning.  She dropped 2 more seconds in her 50 back (52.53), and another second and a half in her 50 free (47.08).  She also tackled her first 100 fly in style with another best in that swim (227.04).   Then came the 100 breast where Brenna took on the record books, knocking a second off of her best 50 and the BDA 7-8 yr old record, and clobbering her best 100 by 7 seconds, again resetting her BDA record in the event (100.61)(203.31).  Brenna had a perfect day of bests, weathering all the storms and taking home SWIMMER OF THE SESSION honors for her fantastic day. Brenna earned 6 bests on the day!

Alyssa “drawer and notebooker of times” extraordinaire was a little off in her early events, but finished her meet with a FLOURISH, demolishing her first 100 fly, and taking down Haley Thier’s previous record by 25 seconds (200.69).  Haley encouraged Alyssa to go after the record and was a great teammate in showing her support as Alyssa achieved the record.  Alyssa got out of her swim and said “That was SUPER FUN.”  Alyssa’s 100 fly was RUNNER UP SWIM OF THE SESSION for the tough effort she gave and strong performance throughout.  Alyssa then went on to earn a double best in her 100 breast, going out after her 100 with a best 50 (108), and then taking on a new best in her 100 by 3 seconds (226.86).  Alyssa took home 3 bests  and a record in her last 2 swims!

Kyle “quiet leader of the meet” Bushta was BDA’s male representative at silvers also continuing to provide the weather forecast for the team.  He swam some beautiful smooth and strong strokes going out in his 400 free, and just missed his best time at the finish.  Kyle got up and supported his teammates eventhough he was a little off on his swims.  He led warmup and stood out in the rain cheering on his teammates even in the heavy rains.  With some continued hard work on his strokes and racing, Kyle hopes to become a force to be reckoned with.

Rachel “pretty strokes and strong finishes” Lorah came home quick on all of her races.  She swam a pretty and quickly finished 400 with a best of 643.99.  She then went on to cruise to a beautiful best 200 back (336.25).  She then bettered her best 100 free by over a second (128.14).  In her 200 IM, Rachel swam a strong race with a fantastic breaststroke leg and another strong finish to her swim (356.39).  Her final swim of the day came with another best and some cool breaststrokes in her 00 (413.39).  Rachel got excited about her swims and went after them, having fun even in the rain.  She even stood out in the heavy downpours to cheer on her teammates with a smile.  We look forward to lots more fun and smiles and even cooler swims for Rachel in the future.

Anna “smiling smooth strokes” Bushta touched down in her 100 back with another best for herself (140.75).  She hit a little rain storms the rest of the way, but said look out world I’m going to bring some sunshine and rainbows out as I continue to practice and work my way up!

Haley “I’m finishing my race no matter who or what tries to stop me” Thier started off her day with the SWIM OF THE SESSION in her 100 back, racing to the finish and winning her heat, coming in 2nd place overall in the event with an outstanding double best and RACING performance (40.70)(123.31).  Her other times were a little off, but she finished her 400 IM despite downpours, thunders, and officials and lifeguards trying to pull her out of the pool- showing her determination to finish the race no matter what.

Aviah “Ahhhh-viii-ahhh” Dahlgren battled throughout the meet, showing some shining strong strokes throughout, but finishing just off her bests today.  Despite being a little off her bests, Aviah continued to get up, cheer, and support her teammates throughout the meet.  Aviah is looking forward to coming back and continuing to practice and work hard towards her goals and keep focusing on her strokes and racing.

For her consistent best times and strong performances, BRENNA DAHLGREN earned SWIMMER OF THE MEET for the weekend.  Congratulations Brenna on your yellow cap!  Great job to all swimmers on the weekend, and thanks for going to the meet and hanging out throughout the rain and shine.



Silver Champs Day 1 highlights


Silver Champs Day 1

Aviah “cool cantaloupe” Dahlgren started off her 400 free with some sizzling strokes and finished with a 2 second drop (547.17) getting closer to her goal. She also slid a little bit off her 200 back (307.09). Aviah showed she can do some strong smooth swimming and finished each race with a smile looking forward to dome strong consistent swimming tomorrow.


Haley “flying fish” Thier was a little off her times for the day, but is going to get ready to rock and roll some fast swims tomorrow.


Anna “Blazing bananas” Bushta clobbered her best 400 free by 9.5 seconds to start her day. She then got right back up to snatch another best in her blasting 100 free with stylish strokes. Anna then knocked off 19 seconds from her 200 breast (405.33). She then smiled her way through a 6 second drop in her 200 back (340.79). Anna swam consistently better and earned herself swimmer of the session with her outstanding smiling swims. Her 400 free earned swim of the session honors! Congrats Anna!


Alyssa “crunchy grapes” Kelly was a little off some of her times, but showed off all her practices and hard work throughout this year with a first and best 400 free (733.41), crushing Natasha Hazzouri’s previous 7-8 yr old BDA record by 1 minute and 26 seconds with some strong strokes at the end of her race.


Brenna “glimmering goldfish” Dahlgren swam her first and best 400 with a super strong finish, almost cracking 8:00 and also swimming under the previous 7-8 record by 55 seconds (804.77). She then blazed through her 100 back knocking off 1.5 seconds from her 50 back (52.89), and just missing her 100. She also finished her IM with speedy breast and frees and clobbered her 200 IM time by 7 seconds (405.27).


Rachel “pizazzy pizza”Lorah got up on the blocks and dazzled her way to a triple best in her first ever long course swim in her 200 free (40.12)(129.14)(306.48). She then showed off some beautiful breaststroke with a double best (51.62)(155.52). She then raced through her 100 back with some smooth technique (47.99)(136.97). Getting back up god her 50 free, Rachel knocked off 2.5 seconds from her best (37.65). She then showed off all of her strokes with some long smooth swimming in her 400 IM (823.88).


Kyle “sizzling steak” Bushta was a little off his times, but says he’s going to raise his level tomorrow and go after some super swims!






BDA Silver Champs notes

Hey Everyone!  Here are some notes on silvers.  If we can please have 2 people volunteer to time in lane one for tomorrow’s session, that would be awesome.  Parents can also switch for eachother throughout the session so it’s not the same 2 for the whole session.  Timer’s will have to be there at 7:35 for a timers meeting, so if we could have 2 volunteers to start out the day, that would be perfect.  You can text JB or Joe and let them know that you will be able to time.  Thanks so much!  A few more notes are listed below.



2014 Middle Atlantic LC Silver Championships

Hosted by the Nittany Lion Aquatic Club

Middle Atlantic Teams need to provide timers and safety marshals, please refer to the volunteer table below for your

team’s assignments. Timers need to report to the administration/starter’s table 25 minutes prior to the start of the

meet. Safety marshals should also report to the table as soon as they arrive at the meet for warm-up, you will rotate

through the indoor pool as well as monitor the outdoor pool, team and spectator areas. Volunteers may switch out with

other volunteers from their teams to break up the sessions.

BDA: Lane 1 Saturday AM (2 timers)

Mid-Atlantic has asked us to provide a lane for 10&Under warm-ups that is separate from the older age-groups,

therefore we will be using lanes 7- 8 for 10&Under warm-ups, all other age-groups may use lanes 1-6.

10&Unders will remain in lanes 7-8 for sprints and all other age-groups will use lanes 1-2 for sprints when it is

announced prior to the end of the warm-up session.

The indoor race pool will be open at 8am for continued warm-up.

Please remember the event numbers that will appear in the heat sheets will be out of order, this is due to the

Coaches and spectators, please be aware that we will combine heats/events whenever we can to move the meet along

Spectators and Teams must remove their tents at the end of Saturday’s session as the pool will be used by PSU for

Parking is available in the East Parking Deck adjacent to the Natatorium on Bigler Road, near The Creamery. There will

be a parking fee. The small lot in between the Natatorium and the Outdoor pool will be closed. PSU does not allow

swimmer drop-off or pick-up on Bigler Road, please park then walk to the pool.

There will not be a PSU operated concession stand at this meet. Please bring enough snacks and beverages for your

swimmers to refuel throughout the meet.

Northwest Designs will be on site with the official meet apparel. Toad Hollow will also be on site offering many

swimming related items such as suits, t-shirts, sweatshirt, goggles, caps etc….