Tuesday Strength Training listed on schedule is incorrect and should be listed as Wednesday the regularly scheduled day. So NO Strength Training on Tuesday.

Strength training is on Wednesday.

See you at the Top!

Notes on Championship Meets

A few notes on our championship meets this season:

Seniors will be a team meet at Bucknell. This will be our Championship meet for all qualifiers. We will be traveling as a team and leaving on Tuesday 7/15. We will send out more details as we get closer. BDA will again cover entries, traveling and room expenses.

Jo’s: at this point we will not be going to JOs as a team, and will be instead shooting for the Silvers Championship meet where we will be able to have a team together with a better environment and more opportunities to swim fast. If anyone who qualified for JOs still really wants to go, we will be supportive of that and will do the entries. We just may not be able to provide a coach. If you have any concerns about this, please let us know.

Silvers: this will be our second championship meet available for those who have a few or no senior championship times. It is a trials/finals meet at Penn State. We will cover the meet entries for all who are at 100%. This meet will be August 1st through 3rd at Penn State and is an opportunity for all ages to attend (10 and unders through 15 and overs). Please email bluedolphinaquatics@gmail.com if you will be attending this meet ASAP so we can get the entries out soon!

Friday Night TEAM Relay Splits (50 frees)

Swimmer                                   Split                   Total time

Mia 22.63 22.63
Peyton 24.21 46.84
Brenna 38.97 125.71
Jack 37.2 202.88
Ben 22.4 225.28
Cat 22.45 247.73
Alyssa K 34.4 322.11
Aviah 26.9 349.01
Kyle 20.77 409.78
Haley 25.5 435.28
Taormina 39.36 514.64
Avery 29.93 544.57
Katie 24.83 609.4
Lauren 26.4 635.8
Rachel 29.87 705.67
Anna 29.83 735.4
Ang 25.48 800.88
Nico 19.09 819.96


Congrats to all our swimmers and great swims over the weekend.

Our swimmer of the Sunday night session was Angela Stahl for her 3 final swims.

Swim of the final night was Nico Latauskas’s 200 Fly.

For our older kids, It really came down to 3 swimmers. Peyton McNulty, Kyle Bushta, and Nico Lastauskas.

Peyton ran up the most LTB’s of 19 during her weekend swims. Kyle and Nico started real strong and came up with 15 PB each. The 3 swimmers ruly had a great weekend. The swims that stood out the most from start to finish ended up being from the new 1500 m record holder Nico Lastaukas. Nico hit alot of Senior cuts and BDA TOP 10 swims along with zone cuts. For that he is our BUCKNELL SWIMMER OF THE MEET.

Swimmer of the Meet was a tough one to call for the younger session as well. Aviah Dahlgren stood out as with the most LTB’s. Anna Bushta and Haley Thier tied with 15 PB’s while Avery McNulty grabbed 9 with one 10 and under zone cut. But the day belonged to Haley Thier for her barrier breaking swims and having all best times.

Congrats to our 2 new yellow cap swimmers. Nico and Haley!


Peyton McNulty made the most out of her Final swim in the 200 Fly when she went a 3:18.68 to place 7th and cut off almost another 2 seconds. Peyton was our ” I want to swim finals girl” the first night. The next 2 nights she was our “I am gonna swim faster girl.” Way to go SALTY!
Cat Donlon pounced on her 200 FLY chopping off 6 seconds from her morning best cracking the 3:00 barrier with a 2:56.99. She also grabbed herself a spot on the BDA TOP 10 All TIme List at # 10. WAY TO FLY CAT!

Angela Stahl did not Stall in her nighttime finals as she flew 2 seconds faster than her best morning swim.
Angela established herself as one of the BDA best when she moved up to 6th on the BDA All Time Top 10 chart with her 2:48.04. She grabbed the 12th spot overall in the event.

Katie Voitik swam much better in her night time swim in the 200 Fly when she dropped 7 seconds from the morning to place 11th.

Mia Nonnenberg ranaway with the 200 Fly win in a 2:20.85.

Nico Lastauskas cracked the 2:30 barrier in the 200 Fly in a 2:29.57. Lastauskas placed 16th overall. The swim grabbed him a TOP 5 spot on the BDA ALL Time chart. He knocked off 4 seconds from his PR in the morning.

Overall our 200 Fly’s were our strongest and one of our best events. Congrats on all your successes and your courage especially to those of you first timers who swam this event over the weekend. As in life, you showed yourselves that all is possible.

Angela Stahl and Cat Donlon both swam in the 100 Free and placed 20th and 10th respectively.

Cat Donlon, Katie Voitik and Mia Nonnenberg raced in the 200 Breaststrokes finishing in 10th, 7th, and 4th.

Kyle Bushta and Nico Lastauskas raced in the 200 Breaststroke. Kyle cracked under 3:00 with PB of 2:59.58 and a 16th place while Lastauskas grabbed a top 5 finish.

The BDA threesome of Mia Nonnenberg, Angela Stahl, and Katie Voitik, each soaked up some good swims in their 200 Backstrokes. Nonneneberg went off to win 7th title of the meet. Stahl just missed her PB and a Senior Cut that she already had with a 14th place finish, while Voitik nailed a best time with a 2 second drop to 2:43.17 and a 16th place finish.