Practice Schedule Next week

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know we will have Monday evenings back starting next week and continuing through June.  Due to Mondays being back the following changes will be made:

Gold & Elite will have Monday evening (And weights will also be back to Mon, Wed, Fri)

Silver will be Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun


End with a Flourish

End With A Flourish

As school comes to a close, we tend to become complacent and we tend to let our lives slide instead of grabbing the horns of that bull and riding it out to the end with a flourish.

As the end of the school year approaches there is a temptation to let up in all of our endeavors. but as a leader you must work hard to Finish Strong. That means you play with as much enthusiasm as you did at the start of the season. It means making the extra effort – leaving it all out there – to make good things happen for your team as the season pushes thru the middle and runs to the end.

This season will end soon than you can imagine and it will become part of your personal history. Even if you return to the team next year, it will be a different experience with different people. So take the time to really be present and enjoy it while you can. Take time to appreciate your teammates. Try to burn this experience into your memory so you will look back on it feeling like you gave it everything you had.

If you make the effort to Finish Strong, you can look back with no regrets knowing you did everything you could to make it a memorable season for yourself, your teammates, and all who have sacrificed in your journey. End with a Flourish in all you do and you will have been a great leader and a fantastic teammate as well.

Practice Schedule Week of 5/19

Hey Everyone!  Here is the practice schedule for this week!  Make sure to take note of some of the changes due to the University of Scranton’s pool schedule for Memorial Day weekend.

*Remember to email  that you will be going whitewater rafting with the team on Saturday! We are looking for more swimmers and family members for our fun and exciting day!  Thanks to Dom Russo (Dom’s dad) for setting this up for us!

*Also we will continue with our annual kickball tradition on Memorial day (Mon 5/26) in the morning for all groups.  We will let you know a definite time as we get closer.  Feel free to bring friends or family members to participate as the more we have the more fun it will be!  Please email to let us know that you will be there and how many people you will have.