Sunday Highlights at Penn State

Sun AM sunshine

Rachel Lorah showed some awesome courage fighting through some physical and mental roadblocks and coming through with a smile and outstanding support for her teammates throughout the session. She started out with a drop in her100 free, continued with some strides in flip turns, breaststroke technique and butterfly technique in her IM, and finished super strong with her best 500 by 5 seconds,coming back strong with her last 50 being her fastest, besides the 1st with a dive (725.96). Great job working through everything with a smile and growing herself through her experiences.

Peyton McNulty strutted her stuff, cracking the 1:00 barrier in the 100 free with style and positivity. She then took to the blocks for her 200 back and set her sights on a goal and went after it dropping 4 seconds from her best with a rock star swim (221.12). She went out with some quick beautiful butterfly, and finished just off her best. She also finished just off her 200 iM and 500. Peyton earned swimmer of the session for her strong efforts.

Lauren Lanzendorfer held her own just 2 weeks off her breakout showing in West Nyack. Her best swim of the day was her nicely paced 200 back.

Laura Hartman,after passing along her beef jersey tradition to her teammates, again swam some strong times for herself, going a best 25 and 50 breast going out in her 100, and finishing close to her best 100 (15.85)(35.45). The senior qualifier then conquered her 100 fly with another best (112.98).

Smiley storytelling Annie Russo jumping jacked her way through the meet with some strong butterfly, finishing close to her best 25 and 50 in her 100 fly, and then took over her best 50 fly (35.57) going out in her 200 im, and kept the momentum tolling while she finished with a 5 second drop in her IM (244.31).

Kyle “the forecaster” Bushta took on his day going after his goal in his 100 free, coming just short of a senior cut, but earning his best tine (52.51). He then flew to a triple best I his blazing 100 fly (12.90)(28.67)(102.97). He finished strong in his 200 im just off his best and quickly got up to tough out a 500 free.

Sun Mini
After stealing the cookies from the cookie jar, Brenna Dahlgren with her beautiful technique buttered her 100 IM with a best (152.68). She then asked who stole those cookies.

Alyssa Kelly said who me and went out after her 50 free, dropping 2 from her best and getting within 0.06 of Elizabeth Manley’s BDA 7-8 record. She then went out after her 50 breast with a best 25 (27.68). She finished her day saying I stole the cookies and finishing with a best 100 IM (148.68).

Sun pm
Aaahhh-v-ah Dahlgren busted out in her 200 breast to better her 100 (139.27) and finish strong with a cool 200 time and some nice breaststroke strides (139.27). She hopped back up for her 50 free sprinting to her best 25 (15.17) and 50 (31.82). She went out strong after her 200 free with a strong first 100, finishing just off her best.

Eliza Wilson started her day out with a bang knocking off 3 from her best 50 free (42.30). She then swam some bbbeeeautiful bbreaststroke trying out some pull outs and swimming some great strokes. She then tackled the 200 free racing some older swimmers but cruising to her own new best time successfully flip turning the entire way (332.59). Finishing up her day, she flew out to her best 25 butterfly, and finished with a wonderful best 100 IM(23.67)(148.28) again trying out those improved pull outs.

Anna Booooooshta smiled throughout the meet and showed some nice strides in her breaststroke. She also blasted out to finish just a hair off her best 50. In her 200 free, she learned that pushing herself can be fun and exciting as she challenged herself to a fantastically paced race finishing with a 5 second drop from the last meet (247.98). She got up again and went after her IM finishing with probably her best 25 fly going out with some cool strokes.

Haley Thier picked up where she left off going out after her 50 close to a best. She then showed off her blazing backstroke (that does not look like a backwards turtle as she says), more like a streamlined dolphin. She earned a new best for herself (113.67). She then went out after her breast with a best 25 and outstanding pull out off her dive. The swim of the session was her 100 fly where she rocketed to a 6 second drop with some new and improved power in her fly (113.27). Haley also did a nice job being a leader throughout the meet Haley again earned swimmer of the session for her improved times.

Our Afternoon Swimmer of session and swim of session.

The hero is no braver than the ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Haley Thier got a jump start on her afternoon teammates as she swam the 400 IM in the end of the Am session. She dropped over 8 seconds coming within 7 of a JO cut. All strokes were ticking right except her breaststroke which was way off and may have cost her that cut. But Haley dropped under the 5:40 mark posting a best 25 and 100 Fly (15.00, 1:19.18)
That swim along with her other other 5 bests she had in her 9 hours at the pool made her swimmer of the session. Avery McNulty was a strong second with her riveting swims. Jumpin Jack Walsh made some great strides of progress, and Eliza Wilson may have gotten the technique award of the session for her stroke changes made.

qwdspacer.gif Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.

– William Ellery Channing