TEAM BDA elite relay

Congrats to Elite Swimmers for posting some awesome times when they mattered most- In a TEAM record breaking relay!  Everyone did their part in the swim and it was an outstanding TEAM effort!  Great way to bring in 2014!


Swimmer 50 free Relay Split
Nico 20.51
Annie 28.25
Peyton 23.96
Cat 22.29
Laura 24.31
Haley 26.69
Ang 24.79
Lauren 27.04
Katie 23.85
Mia 21.91
Kyle 21.47
Total Time: 425.06

Upcoming Meets

Hey there BDA’ers!

First, we hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and wish everyone a happy new year!

Moving onto the new year we have 3 meets lined up that we have sent entries out for and are waiting to hear back from, if you check the files below and see that you(or your swim child) have been entered into one or more of the meets, that means we the coaches feel it is important for you to be there, not to mention we as a team, as stated in our policies, expect most everyone to go to every meet possible.  That being said, with the end of the winter season approaching, we have a plan for every young swimmer and each of these meets has a purpose and plan in order for all to reach the apex of their potential.

Please let us know if there are meets and/or days that you can not attend as fines will be levied from those that do not show up to a meet they are signed up for as per our policies.  If we are not notified in a timely fashion about not attending part or all of a meet, you will be charged entry fees because we will have already paid them to the host team.  Meet entry fees for those not at 100% attendance are $25/day and are due the week before the meet after attendance is posted on Sunday.

Finally, while at these meets time trials may be available, BDA will cover the costs of these time trials which are at least 2x the cost of normal entries.  It is important that a swimmer who is close to making a cut time or just wants another shot at a good race stays for these time trials, the more opportunities they have to swim, the better the chances of shining on the big stage.

*note* When we enter a swimmer into an event, we have full confidence in them being able to swim it!

The Meets:

Emac Winter Invite

  • Jan 24-26 Fri-Sun
    • Emmaus High School
      500 Macungie Ave.
      Emmaus, PA 18049
  • Morning Session – 13/14 & 15/Over – Warm up @ 7:45am
  • Afternoon Session –  9/10 & 11/12 – Warm up @ 1:00pm
  • BDA EMAC Entries

Condor Last Chance Invitational

  • February 7-9 Fri-Sun
    • Felix Festa Middle School Pool
      30 Parrott Road
      West Nyack, NY 10994
  • Friday – (10&U 200 free 12&U 500 Free 11&over 400IM) – Warm up @ 5:45pm
  • Morning Session – 8&U/10&U/13&14 – Warm up @ 7:30am
  • Mid Distance Session – (Sat girls 11&over 1000 – boys 13&over500) -Warm up @ 12:45pm
  •                                          (Sun boys 11&over 1650 – girls 13&over500)
  • Afternoon Session – 11&12/Open – Warm up @ 3:00pm
  • BDA Condors Entries

NLAC Last Chance Meet

  • Feb 22-23 Sat-Sun only
    • The McCoy Natatorium at the Pennsylvania State University
  • Morning Session – 13&14/15&over – Warm up @ 7:00am
  • Mid Session – 8&Unders – Warm up @ 12:00pm
  • Afternoon Session – 9&10/11&12 – Warm up @ 2:00pm
  • BDA Penn State Entries



Christmas Week practice times and Attendance

Hey Everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your holidays!  Here are some practice times from the week, and the attendance for week 17.  Congrats to many BDA swimmers on some great work this week.  Early in the week, Haley, Peyton, and Laura all beat their best 100 kick times.  While Nico and Peyton achieved their 500 Free goal times at the end of 3.5 hour practices.  Great Job on several of the great things!  Several gold and silver swimmers also stepped up this week with some fantastic practice times in an IM racing week!  Swimmers showed strides in their times from previous weeks when we’ve done racing.  Keep up the good work!

*Nico Lastauskas continues to show great strides in practice with his great improvements in stroke length and holding stroke count and working his walls consistently day in and day out!  Along with his 500 time, he’s achieved several great IM times throughout the week at the end of practice.  He’s made the decision to change for the better and is showing gains each day!  Keep it up!



2014 Goals of our Souls

2014 begins in 6 days, and it is the purpose of this message to mentally prepare you for the great adventure that’s about to begin.

If your 2014 plans include achieving some BIG GOALS, then you must decide that what you want is bigger and far more important than any fear which prevents you from achieving it.

A BIG CHALLENGING GOAL is one of the few things in life which immediately engages the fight-or-flight mechanism.

Fear is never a reason for quitting. It’s only an excuse for those unwilling to face their doubts, insecurities, and mental boogie man.

Therefore, your first duty in rising to meet the demands is to conquer fear and the mental resistance it brings along with it.

Before 2014 begins, you must shine a flashlight to your soul and inspect yourself for will, courage and grit.

You must decide right now, that you are going to put fear behind you – that you are going to stare it down, and walk straight through it, advancing toward the goal(s) you want with confidence, conviction, and certainty.

Perseverance is ultimately a physical, emotional, and spiritual demonstration of how badly you want to succeed.

As it should be, it’s constantly fueled by a heart-pounding, ego-bashing, soul-searching test of your limits.

So let them see you sweat, as YOU express your greatness not by the acts you perform, not by the goals you achieve, but by the gritty perseverance that made those acts possible.

Resolve that 2014 is the year where you will…

Persevere Until the End!

P.S. It is irresponsible to take on a big challenging goal without the will, heart, and mindset to win it, as nothing can withstand the power of an indomitable spirit.

If you passionately believe that you are up to the challenge and committed to seeing your goals achieved in 2014, it is your right and responsibility to cultivate an unbeatable
mind and persevere until the end.

See you all at the Top!

See you at the Top!

Practice Schedule thru New Years

Hey Everyone! The revised practice schedule was sent out via email. If you have any questions, or did not receive it, please let us know.

*Make sure you are all bringing lots of liquids and good food that you can eat during practice this week, and get ready for some fun! 🙂

*Also please bring sneakers every day!

Happy Holidays!


Elite swimmers are elite long before you ever hear about them. Months and years prior to that gold medal or that World Record, they were already training like elite swimmers. First one in the pool, the last one out. Staying late to work on their weaknesses while hammering away at developing their strengths during practice. Each day they woke up and acted like a championship athlete even though at that point they were still only bottled potential.

At the end of the day it is the journey that creates the champion, not merely the final numbers posted on the scoreboard

See you at the Top!