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BDA wants to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know……..

  1. Fossil evidence shows that turkeys roamed the Americas 10 million years ago.
  2. 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Turkeys were one of the first animals in the Americas to be domesticated
  4. A spooked turkey can run at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. They can also burst into flight approaching speeds between 50-55 mph in a matter of seconds.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, Native Americans did not eat cranberries. They did, however, find them extremely useful for dying fabric and decorating pottery.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts. Have a great Thanksgiving!.

See you at the Top!

2013 Turkey Trot

Congratulations to our 2013 Turkey Trot Champions:

Mia Nonnenberg, Nico Lastauskas, Angela Stahl, Katie Voitik, Cat Donlon, Kyle Bushta, Peyton McNulty, Laura Hartman, Lauren Lanzendorfer, and Annie Russo showed off their hard work and excitement and all conquered the 10,000 trotting yards with some great gobbling and support of teammates after they finished!

Haley Thier took on the 10,000 challenge, but a little too much gobble dancing and only the turkey knows how much she actually did.

The Gold group trio of Alyssa Lopez, Aviah Dahlgren, and Anna Bushta conquered the sensational 7,000 yard set, making all of the times along the way and trotting to some tremendous efforts. Rachel Lorah got locked out by the turkey and missed a little bit of her set, but she accomplished the entire 4750 that she was there for with a smile. The gold group worked great together encouraging and supporting each other along the way!

Then came the super silver group. This group toughed out a long 2.5 hour practice and even did some smiling and dancing along the way. This group took on a 5,900 yard trot, with everyone finishing strong. Avery “counting stars” McNulty took charge and showed some great leadership at the end finishing with 5750 yards. Brenna “banana” Dahlgren kept her sunshiney smile throughout the practice finishing with 5800 yards. Eliza “Super streamline” Wilson toughed out and pressed on through the set also finishing super strong with 5600 yards. Alyssa “what does the fox say” Kelly swim swam swim swam swim all the way with fantastic efforts and finishing with 5850 yards.

Thanks to Cooper Legg and J9 for coming to support BDA in the sensational event! And thanks to all of the parents who brought food items and drinks to support our swimmers!

Great Job to Everyone! Keep up the good work and smiles! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Some thoughts to Sports Parents from Dr. Alan Goldberg (Sports Psychologist)

Advice to Sport Parents

Every day, as often as you can, sit your child down, hold her hands, look into her eyes and let her know that you love her and that your love is unconditional, that it has absolutely nothing to do with her sport and whether she is able to throw her reverse dive, go for her giant-giant fly-away or get her “AA” cut in the 200Free. When you say goodnight to your child do the same thing. Hold her hands, look into her eyes and let her again know that the only expectations that you have of her in relation to her sport are that she have fun and feel good about herself, that you will love her no matter what. This message may sound corny, maybe even a little obvious, but it needs to be said over and over again.


I play because I LOVE to…
I play because it’s FUN…
I play to pursue MY DREAM…
I play because it makes ME FEEL GOOD about myself…
I play because MY FRIENDS play…
I play because I love the CHALLENGE & COMPETITION…

PLEASE….Don’t ask me to play to make YOU happy,
Don’t make me play to prove my self-worth to YOU,
Don’t ask me for a “performance return” on YOUR “BIG investment” of time and money spent on me,
Don’t EVER tie my lovability as YOUR child with HOW well I play,
PLEASE don’t make the game I love SO SERIOUS,
PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t tell me everything I did wrong AFTER I play,
If you do, you’ll steal my JOY and PASSION and leave me feeling sad and hurt,
LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY, just because I’m your kid, without bringing my game into it,


Don’t make me talk about the game,
Don’t tell me everything that I did wrong,
Don’t be angry at, and disappointed in me,
Don’t tell me all of the things that I need to work on and do to improve…..
Don’t give me the silent treatment!!
It’s just a game and may already feel terrible enough as it is….

Help me feel that you love me anyway,
Let me know in your voice tone, words, facial expression and posture that
Talk about everything else except my sport, unless I bring it up,
Let me listen to my music, if I don’t want to talk,
I may really need the time to process stuff myself,
Help me keep the game in perspective because,
In the BIG picture, it’s not what’s really important here,
Your relationship with me and my emotional well-being IS!

Dazzling Practice Times

Swimmers at the end of practice got up on the blocks to aim for some goals. Here are the fantastic swims:

*Kyle Bushta (Goal 2:00 Back): 2:05.45
Mia Nonnenberg (Goal 158 back): 1:58
Cat Donlon (Goal 2:15 fly): 206.86
Katie Voitik (Goal 2:00 IM): 2:09.79
Angela Stahl (Goal 2:15 back): 2:11.56
Nico Lastauskas (Goal 1:53 fly): 1:56.30

*Sorry- missed Kyle in the original note!

Annie Russo (Goal 1:12 breast): 1:06.87
Laura Hartman (Goal 1:00 free): 56.25
Peyton McNulty (Goal 1:00 back): 1:01.13
Alyssa Lopez (Goal 1:13 free): 1:06.20
Haley Thier (Goal 1:20 breast): 1:15.45
Rachel Lorah (Goal 1:12 Free): 1:05.75
Aviah Dahlgren (Goal 1:15 back): 1:15.25

BDA -IMX Meet 11-17-13


qwdspacer.gif If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

– Booker T. Washington


200 IM
Alyssa Lopez shed 8 seconds off her 200 IM to hit a 3:01.76 also grabbing a best 25 fly of 17.19. Annie Russo swam under the 2:50 mark with a 2:49.07 in her 200 IM and posted a best 50 Fly of 37.28. Lauren Lanzendorfer continued her assault on best times where she snatched a best 25 Fly of 15.26 and chopped off 5 seconds to make a 2:34.21. Peyton McNulty came close to cracking the 2:30 barrier with a 2:30.02 in her 200
IM where she depleted 4 seconds off her old time best and also lowered her 50 Fly to a 34.07. Laura Hartman just fell short of a best but garnered a best 25 Fly of 14.94. Angela Stahl swam a strong IM along with Cat Donlon who was just off her IM standard.

400 IM
Kyle Bushta broke out in his 400 IM with a solid barrier cracking 4:58.05 and a 3 plus second drop. It was Kyle’s most consistent swim to date.

100 Fly
Annie the Banana smiled away 4 seconds to a 2:02.12 LTB. Aviah The Butterflier Dahlgren swam to a best 25 Fly in a 17.66. Haley the Hacker Thier used her cast to part the waters ahead and her sidekick Emma Boyle went one direction and that was forward as she ran out a best 25 in 14.60 and a 2.8 drop in her 100 Fly cracking the 1:10 border in a 1:09.14.

200 Breaststroke
Peyton McNulty had a 5 second time cut going under 3:00 in a 2:57.25 PR. Alyssa Lopez had our first quadruple best in her 200 Breaststroke with a 21.69,47.49, 1:41.42, and a 3:31.41. Lauren Lanzendorfer had her first miss of the competition were she just missed her best by a second in her awesome weekend of swims. Mia Nonnenberg broke loose to post her first LTB of the meet when she won the 200 Breaststroke in 2:30.16.

100 Breaststroke
Haley the Hammer Thier came close to her best in the 100 Breaststroke. Emma Boyle hit a double LTB in her 100 Breaststroke with a 16.69, 36.23 for her 25 and 50, just missing her 100 by a hair.

200 Fly
Peyton McNulty flew under the 3:00 barrier eclipsing 26 seconds off to ride out a 2:55.65. Annie Russo mustered up a 3:11.27 in her race, while Lauren Lanzendorfer showed a truly graceful and pretty Fly swim with 3 second drop to a 2:43.54 in what may have been the swim of the session until Cat Donlon created the swim of the session with a 15 second thrashing of her old best while racing hard to a 2:27.72 in her 200 Fly laying it on the line.

50 Back
Anna Bushta hit a best 25 Back with a 22.63 as did Emma Boyle with a 17.03.

qwdspacer.gif He who dares nothing need hope for nothing.

– Anonymous


Time Trials
200 Free
Laura I want to time trial Hartman hit it big with a 7 second blasting to her old 200 with a 2:15.80. Laura asked to swim a proudly did herself a service by standing tall in the swim.
Peyton McNulty finished the night by taking the bull by the horns in her time trial. Peyton took the plunge a jumped into a 500 Free that her coaches forgot to enter her into Friday Night and she followed Hartman’s energy with a double best.
McNulty went out in a 2:21.48 best 200 Free and finished with a 25 second lowering in time to a 5:55.19, cracking the 6 minute mark. Peyton not only swam a best but negative split the race beautifully with a 2:57.66, 2:57.53. Peyton had a perfect weekend with all bests and for that reason she earned Swimmer of the Meet honors. Lauren Lanzendorfer was a near perfect as she too had a fantastic weekend. Kudos to both of you on your daily hardwork.

IMX Scores
Mia Nonnenberg won the IMX title for the 15 & over and teammate Katie Voitik nabbed a 5th place.

Courage faces fear and thereby masters it

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


Other missed Am swims

Alyssa, Amelia, and Brenna all hit best 25 times in their 50 Backsstrokes respectively with 24.50, 24.89, and 24.89.

qwdspacer.gif A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.

– Anonymous


Condors IMX Meet Sunday 10& unders

Condors IMX Meet Sunday 10& unders

The fantastic flyers started out Sunday mornings sessions with all 4 girls making some great improvements while conquering the 100 fly. Amelia Michko started out the show with some improved head down butterfly finishing strong in her first time in the event (237.91). Brenna Dahlgren blazed through an outstanding swim with a fantastic 51 second drop while improving with some beautiful rhythm in her stroke (236.02). Alyssa Kelly jumped out to some brilliant and better quicker stronger butterfly finishing with a 7 second drop and almost cracking the 2:00 barrier (200.51). Eliza Wilson then broke out some strong under waters and sensational butterfly with a 9 second drop (225.77).

Then came some brilliant breaststrokes. Amelia Michko dove in and conquered her first 100 breast with a best (250.37). Eliza continued to be the 10 and under leader throughout the meet, being a great teammate and supporter and taking charge and leading warmup both days. In her 100 breast, she achieved a triple best in her speedy swim (25.43)(55.83)(203.72). Brenna Dahlgren then shined with a smile taking down her own 7-8 year old 100 breast record in a beautiful swim (200.82). Alyssa Kelly raced through her breast, just a bit off her best.

In the dazzling 50 backstrokes, Alyssa “major cheese goldfish” Kelly sliced off over a second with some pretty swimming (53.19) and then hopped right out and ran over to cheer on her teammates and grab their towels in the next heat, showing awesome teamwork. Brenna Dahlgren and Amelia fantastic flip turn Michko then raced in the 50 back, with Amelia slicing off half a second with some more beautiful strokes (52.99).

Alyssa Kelly and Brenna Dahlgren decided to tag team time trial the 200 free with enthusiasm! Alyssa went out with blazing speed just missing her 100 free best and came home strong with a new best from her summer time trials time (345.59). Brenna Dahlgren chomped into her first 200 free with a consistent swim and best of 356.47.

The terrific tens tackled some great swims this weekend and handled long breaks with smiles, even practicing warming up and down before races and cheering eachother on throughout the meet. Eliza Wilson earned swimmer of the session Saturday, and Alyssa Kelly earned swim of the session with her record breaking IM! While Alyssa Kelly earned swimmer of the session Sunday, and Brenna Dahlgren garnered swim of the session with her blazing record breaking 200 breast.

IMX Besti times and

Saturday 11-16-13 PM session

400 IM
Lauren Lazer Lanzendorfer continued her outstanding distance swims with an astounding 28 second drop in her 400 IM. Lauren also picked up two more bests in her 25 Fly and 50 (15.99, 34.14). Peyton Powerhouse McNulty then showed off her hard work from practice slicing off 4 seconds from her 100 fly (114.58) and crushing her 400 IM by 25 seconds (512.37). Peyton also hit a best going out in her 50 (35.05). McNulty just moved up into the 13-14 Age bracket last week and made her first swim a big one as she was just off the 13-14 Junior Olympic cut time. In the same heat, Laura “smile” Hartman withered 20 seconds from her 400 IM posting a 5:28.33 LTB, and Annie Heat sheet Russo slid away 18 seconds in her swim with a under 6:00 barrier breaking new best of 5:54.75. Then Cat visualizer Donlon went after and achieved a goal of breaking 5:00 and sliced 4 seconds from her best shaved time (457.47).

200 IM
The Bustling Bushta’s were well represented in the meet with Anna Banana Bushta peeling out to a best 200 IM with some beautiful freestyle on the end in a PR of (339.30). Kyle Bushta was just off his best by hundreths. Haley Thier continued to impress in her swims with her cast. Emma One DIrection Boyle caught 2 bests in her IM going out in her 25 and 50 Fly with a 14.64 and 32.23.

200 Back
In the 200 back, Lauren Letin it Loose Lanzendorfer swam a strong paced race with an excellent 11 second drop (238.74), almost negative splitting her swim. Alyssa Lovin it Lopez hit a best 200 Back in a 3:14.26. Laura Hartman just missed her best 200 Back by hundreths. Peyton Pushin & Movin McNulty cracked the 2:30 mark in her 200 Back with a 2:29.39 LTB dropping 2 seconds and finishing strong just outpacing her teammate Cat Da Lion Donlon who took out the race fast and kncoked off 3 seconds to put up a new best of 2:30.84. Katie Voitik rose out the the Underwater Depths in the 200 Backstroke to shine her abilities. Katie started her race with an outstanding underwater and came up swimming fast racing the whole swim to grab a 2:23.51 best, chopping off 3.5 seconds from her previous top time. Angela Stahl swam a consistent paced 200 Back while Mia had to race strong to grab the win in her 200 Back. Kyle can’t beat me underwater Bushta worked his walls grandly in his 200 Back to post a best by 5 seconds in a 2:23.81 really nice swim.

100 Back
Anna the Banana Bushta hit another LTB in her 100 Back with a 1:36.52. Avaih Dahlgren paced an even race in her 100 Back.

50 Free
Alyssa Lopez cut off 2 seconds in her 50 Free and her 25 to make bests of 16.18 and 34.94. Lauren Lanzendorfer kept up her assault on best times as she hit a best 25 and 50 and cracked 30 seconds for the first time going 14.44 & 29.50. Peyton McNulty ran up similiar success in her 50 with a 13.97 first 25 and a 29.22 best 50 Free.

The top 3 swims of the day were in order of:
Peyton McNulty 400 IM, Lauren Lanzendorfer 400 IM, and Katie Voitik 200 Back.

Swimmer of the Session by a hair was Peyton McNulty with Lauren Lanzendorfer knocking on the door.