First Days of Practice/ UPDATE to mandatory parents/swimmers meeting

Our MANDATORY PARENTS/SWIMMERS meeting for all groups will be MONDAY 9/9 at 6:30 PM in a classroom at the University of Scranton. We will meet you at the doors to let you know which classroom.

*Please bring fins, sneakers, water bottle, and goals for EACH practice.

First days of practice are as follows:
BDA ELITE: Tuesday 9/3 at 5 am and 6 pm

GOLD and SILVER: Tuesday 9/3 at 6 pm

BRONZE: Friday 9/6 at 6 pm

Registration deadline/meeting

-Swimmers currently enrolled in BDA must submit registration forms and payments by 8/24/13 to reserve their spot in BDA’s program for the fall.

-There will be a MANDATORY PARENTS and SWIMMERS meeting for all those signed up for BDA on September 3 at the University of Scranton at 6 pm.  This will be the first official day of practice.

Blue Dolphin Registration

Registration E-mails have gone out and we are well on our way to selecting our roster for the 2013-2014 swim season!

You can get information on the team from all over the website, and registration forms are located under each group’s registration page.

  • One new registration tid bit is that our Silver group is now a 2 session per year group, down from the year contract.  After some iteration we decided this was a better way to foster younger swimmers coming up into the sport.


A meet schedule will be coming out shortly and we will be updated it into the schedule along with team events.

Access to the website should be going out to e-mails ASAP for subscriptions, if you do not get one, email with your full name from the e-mail you want associated with your account to receive an invite.

  • Once you log in, you should change your password to one that you will remember and that is secure.
  • You can also choose to display what information is available on this website about you, I’d at least recommend setting up a user name you like that everyone will see when/if you post a comment.
  • If you have not received an e-mail yet inviting you to join our website, then you were missed, please e-mail to receive your invite.


If you have any other questions please don’t be afraid to contact us!